Where have I been?!

Hi!!! In the past couple of weeks all I could think about was "Jenny, you need to make a new post/video". However, I haven't been able to set up my computer for awhile since I have moved houses... but it is finally back up and running!!

If you are following me on twitter, I'm sure you will know what I have been up to... but if you are not - let's recap.

1. I moved houses and I hate it. (it was my mom's decision... damn parents lol)

2. Work. Work. More Work! 

3. Canucks are eliminated... I've been mourning.

4. Work. Work. More Work!

5. ....Did I mention work?

Work has been crazy. I finally get to take a break in a couple of days and off I go to DISNEYLAND with some girlfriends! WOOHOO!!!

So with that being said, videos/posts will still have to be postponed. However, I promise I will try my best to at least post simple OOTD's or something!

So please stay put, and be patient! I still really want to film my Spring Tutorial that I think you all will enjoy!!!

Thank you for all the support so far... I will definitely not quit :)