Mini Haul/Review

So I picked up 3 things from Sephora.. well kinda. I got it off a girl that sell some brand new products from Sephora for like a discounted price. My friend hooked it up so, I don't have this girl's contact info or anything - Sorry!

I finally got the Make Up For Ever - Smoky Lash mascara in Aqua so it's waterproof! I never buy my mascara in waterproof but I figured what the hey, might as well lol. It's supposed curl, lengthen, and volumize.

So when I opened this mascara to look at the brush, I was a little hesitant. I've heard super good things about this mascara and how amazing it is but with my lashes, it works a lot better with plastic bristles. The formula is also really wet which also usually never works well with my lashes. I need a more dried out formula so my lashes don't clump together. I usually have to wait until my mascara dries out a bit before I can use it more to its full potential. 

However, I don't know if it's the Shu Uemura eyelash curler or if it's this mascara or if it's both but it definitely holds your curl like no other! I was shocked. My lashes usually wilts down by the end of the day but after 6 hours, it stayed put!

The other downfall is that when I apply the mascara after curling my lashes, it usually always transfer onto my lids which is a pain in the ass. -__- So you'd have to be super careful.

This was taken with my phone so sorry it's not the best photo. But this was after 6 hours of wearing it.. CRAZY! It definitely curls, lengthing and volumizing is not bad. I've only used it a couple of times and so right now I can't say it's amazing for the 2 purposes it claims to do but for curl - definitely.

But I personally think it also definitely helps having this baby.........

When I first tried this out, I didn't think OMG - SO GOOD. WOWZERZ! I thought my Shiseido eyelash curler did a better job. But after reading that this eyelash curler allows appropriate amount of pressure to curl lashes naturally, without crimping or bending your lashes - I thought, oh cool! And that is most definitely true! I had to be super careful not to put so much pressure when using my Shiseido eyelash curler so it doesnt crimp my lashes. (I still enjoy it though, it's a very good eyelash curler - you just have to have gentle pressure when curling) It's also supposed to suit all eye shapes which is pretty cool. :)

As a result, this eyelash curler and the MUFE Smoky Lash mascara are amazing as a couple!

Last but not least.....

I got a backup of my all time favourite pencil eyeliner! This baby is amazing - it stays put and definitely lasts all day. Does not smudge on my waterline or anything. And it doesn't give me a lot of gross poop in the corner of my eyes so yay. :D

Hope you enjoyed and hopefully it helped some of ya'll? xoxo.

EOTD - Quick and Easy Everyday Smokey Brown

Another quick and easy look using mostly brown eyeshadows and a pencil eyeliner. :)

Highlight Color - MAC: Ricepaper
Transition Color -  MAC: Wedge
Lid color (base) - STILA: Latte
Eyeliner - UD 24/7: Zero (Smudged out on the lid and lower lashline)
*I also applied MARY KAY Duo Eyeshadow: Dbl Expresso which is a reddish brown on the lid to blend it all out giving it a gradual fade.*

Mascara - Buxom Lash by Bare Escentuals

Cheeks - MAC: Plum Foolery
Contour - RIMMEL: Bronzer Sun Queen
Lips - A bunch of different things mixed in together LOL. 
I had GOSH: Darling lipstick but it's hella nude so I played around with a bunch of different pink lipglosses but it's mainly RIMMEL: Eastend Snob


Dior - Crush Glow 659 EOTD/REVIEW

I pulled out my Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow in "Crush Glow" (659) and did a soft look with it to go with the pretty sunny day. :)

I got this picture off http://www.temptalia.com mainly because my picture sucked and this shows you a super good close up of the colors!
Swatches -
- a simple gold: a sheen metallic finish
- a pale icy pink: shimmer finish
- a muted pink with a hint of coral: toned down shimmery, almost matte finish (it's a bit more vivid in person)
- a plum-taupe with a pink undertone: satin light shimmery finish
- a copper brown: pearly sheen finish

All colors are super pigmented, especially the brown color!!
They're all silky smooth and super soft, very blendable!
The lasting power is quite long as well.

This product retails for $58 at Sephora. I know that sounds crazy ridiculous but their palettes are amazing and the colors are super gorgeous!

Crush Glow is definitely a palette that's perfect for the summer with the rich warm colors! Depending how you want to pair the colors together, I think they all compliment each other very well. You can wear all shades or just pair a couple together and still have it looking fab for the summer!

I also think this palette could be verstile for the fall with the plum and brown shade for more of a darker warm look!

Here's a look I quickly did using all 5 shades.

Eye of the day!

Without Flash

With Flash

So basically I have the gold on the inner corners + tear duct
the pink on the middle of the lids
the plum color on the outer corners 
(which didn't show up too much in the photos, 
but it is darker in person!)
The lighest pink as a highlight  
and the brown color on my outer lower lashline.

Happy Summer! :)
&&& Thanks for bloggin' with me! <3


Collective Haul!

I'm going to share with you all what I got while I was away in the States, as well as some stuff I got back at home. :) I will post where I purchased each item as well as rounding up the price after taxes (including percentage taken off if it was on sale!)

This is going to be quite a long post.. but there's not too much to read.. :)
Hope you enjoy seeing me go poor as you scroll down......


- Guess Factory Store ($55)

- Neiman Marcus ($90)

- Forever 21 ($15)

- Victoria Secret ($27)
This was a 5 for $25 deal and I got 4 for my girlfriend and got one for myself :)


- Saks ($90)

- Saks ($70)

- Kenneth Cole ($32)


- Sephora ($28)

- Sephora ($12)

Last stop during my trip..  



Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipcolor ($3 each) in 
Think Pink, Smokin' Hot Pink, Just Peachy

- Just Peachy (903C)
- Smokin' Hot Pink (905D)
- Think Pink (901B)

Lilac Pastelle ($8)


I also got 2 Carmex's. They were on a BOGO sale :)
And a Cosmopolitan magazine for my plane ride back.. and I got the boy oreo cookies.. cuz.. he's wanted.. them and they were like $1. LOL. Just thought I'd share that.. haha.

For this part, since I didn't get most of the stuff on that big of a sale, I'm just going to post the price before taxes.




- All 3 items were purchased at Aritzia

- H&M ($20)


- Aldo ($25)

- Spring ($10)

I got the sunglasses on a 2 for 1 sale so these hair pins were free!

- Urban Outfitters ($12)

The rest of these accessories were purchased at  
Forever 21

This is a necklace by the way if you were wondering lol.

($5.80) for the silver one. 
I don't remember how much the gold one was, probably the same price.. if not $6.80.. I dunno where the receipt is. Somehow I remember the prices lol.


($1.50 each)

- Shoppers Drug Mart ($6)

That sums it all up. I am broke. Once again. FML. 
I didn't buy toooooo much. Especially in the states as I assumed I would.. But it's sall good. :)
Hope this was all very entertaining to see/read and the wait was worth it.. hahahaha.

And I thought I'd share some of the OOTD's with the following things in this haul!

I have no idea why the last picture keeps rotating like that. It's lame. And I couldn't decide whether or not to wear a belt with it or not.. so I had to twitpic it and ask everyone.. hence the two pictures lol.

Anyways! Okay time to end this long post! Thanks for staying tunnnnned. <3!!!

- J.