So today was another pretty sunny day and I felt like another bronzey look.. I know it looks exactly like the look from my last post.. but I used another eyeshadow and a brown eyeliner instead. I apologize once again for the bad lighting in my photos.. I try to get good lighting and then I try to fix the colors on my computer to show the most accurate color so.. the color tone will be different.. but eh.. :(

MAC Nylon, Woodwinked
Quo Creme Eyeliner in Dark Chocolat
Ardell lashes #105

My flowers bloomed! :)
  Pretty?? :)

I went cruising today with a friend, I wish I was able to take pictures! We went everywhere, Vancouver, Richmond, Cypress, Burnaby Mountain..... it goes on. It wastes a loooooot of gas but it's really worth it to just look at how beautiful British Columbia really is.. even though we stayed within good driving distance lol.

You always get the best talks/feeling when you sit and look at the view of the city you live in.. absolutely beautiful. You're so calm and at ease, it's feels amazing.. like you just got away from everything and everyone.. why go on a vacation to get away when you can just sit up on top of a mountain for free?! :)

It was quite a good day today. Very happy. I regret not even taking pictures with my phone.. but you kinda can't distract yourself like that! 

PS. like my new template? Doesn't look noob anymore does it? ;) hehe I still gotta make a banner though! Waiting on that until I can get some good photos with Tessa <3. In the meantime, I hope my blog is somewhat interesting so far.. This would be my 20th post! I feel like I need some more followers to just inspire me to keep going lol... :( sad haha. Oh well, I really do appreciate all 11 of you.. especially Janice for following me!!!!!! I absolutely loooove her!! My favourite gyaru <3 :) ugh my heart like sunk out when I saw her name following me on Twitter and my blog hahaha. I'm such a dork. >.<

Anyways, hope ya'll are doing well, muahz!!!!
- J.


EOTD, Surprise, MIMI!

It was such a nice day out, felt like doing something simple and nice with a wash of color. I was actually able to just pull out the cardigan and no jacket! Yay! But it got cold at night.. obviously :(

Eyeshadow: MAC - Woodwinked Lashes: Quo - #806

An extra something...
Just thought I'd share this because they're so beautiful.. ^___^
-May I add that I am a complete noob (newbie) at putting flowers into a vase. This was actually my second time receiving flowers.. and the first time I ever received a real bouquet of flowers, I didn't even put it in a vase because I'm stupid.. but also because it just looks so damn pretty all wrapped up!

But it turned out quite alright! Maybe I should tell you my epic fail.. but nahhh :P 
OOooOh look, it's a George Nozuka CD. Tehehehe, I used to be in LOOOOVE with him.. but.. my love has died down for some reasons....... (basically I got tired of having to fight with my friend over him.. it sounds ridiculous, I know) When I got that CD as a birthday present, I literally screamed so loud and started shaking. (LOL, I'm such a dork >.<)

Another view to see most of the flowers.. They smell so niiiiiiice!

(this one was taken with my Iphone hence shit quality)


Introducing my best friend...


MIMI! I've had her since I was in grade 2 (6/7 years old). Through all the puppies and doggies I have own - which was A LOT. And I don't mean like 5... I mean WAY over 5! I miss them all but she has stayed with me since day 1.

She's one of the smartest dogs.. not trained that well since the kids were young and obviously we wouldn't know how to properly train a dog and my parents are just... fobs hahahahaha. But nonetheless, she's one smart dog :) 

And I really don't know what her breed is.. I'm pretty sure she's a mixed of things. She's gone through a lot too - one example would be she recently went through a couple of surgeries. She started growing tumors in her body :( but she's still standing strong! She's suuuuuper old now.. and I really don't know what I'll do if I lose her... I WON'T THINK ABOUT IT!!!! But she really is old, her eyes are starting to turn greyish blue which is supposed to mean their eyesight is getting really bad and blurry :( :( :(

Honestly, dogs are the most amazing animals in the world. They're like humans and if and when I have a good amount of money, I will donate it to SPCA and the animals fund! I am a huge animal person and as mean and possibly heartless as this will sound, I'd probably save a dog than a baby. LOLOL. I know it's terrible but seriously, dogs are just like humans in my opinion except I feel like they get the shit end of the stick when usually they only look out and help people.

With that being said, I leave you guys with this absolutely amazing video.. PLEASE WATCH!!! If you haven't seen this, you won't regret it and if you have, ugh.. you won't regret watching it again either. It made me cry sooooOoOOO much.

Thanks for bloggin'! Muahzzzzzz


Sky is the limit...

I decided I will write a blog post about my tattoo. I got this done in Sept 2009. I do believe that tattoos are something you need to think about for a very long time. I believe that it should have some sort of meaning to you. I don't think getting a tattoo of a butterfly because it's "pretty" is a good enough reason.. or a tattoo of your boyfriend's name because you're in "love" and then oh look, you guys broke up and now you have his name inked on you for the rest of your life.. how smart. Lol, I just don't think that tattoos are not supposed to be a sign of being "cool" and to be done "just in the moment".

With that being said, I will admit that I do regret something about my tattoo. I hate the font. I do regret not taking the time out to look for the font that I loved. Now I know I said that I don't think tattoos should be done "just in the moment" but at that time, I felt like it was the right time to do it and when I feel that way, and I want something, I'll do it. Tattoos are something you need to really find out everything and taking your time doing so until everything's perfect. Such as: finding the artist and the place. I got mine done at a place called Funhouse. My friend had gotten her tattoo there and it turned out really good and I went in before getting mine done to check the place out - it wasn't sketchy or anything. I also looked at some of the artists' work. I decided that I'd get it done there when the time was right. 
Okay so back to the "font" situation.. I asked my artist if she could just basically make it up for me, I knew I wanted cursive writing. She did some weird font and I told her I wanted more like a cursive font and show her an example that I saw on one of their posters. She re-did the stencil and I liked it a lot from the first one. So it wasn't like I hated it from the beginning but looking at it now, I really don't like the font.. so.. learn from my lesson kids! Do everything on your own and take your sweetass time!! :(

My tattoo says, "Sky is the limit..."
The reason behind this was that I absolutely love the meaning of what it is. It's kinda self explanatory.. But what it means to me  is a reminder for myself. To push and motivate myself in anything that I want to do.. even if it doesn't seem realistic, the sky is the limit... nothing is impossible. 
I added the 3 dots at the end to represent that it doesn't just have to end there.. it's like a "to be continued..."
Sky is the limit... but I will reach even higher than that - my inspiration to never give up.

I placed it in a slant on my left forearm (closer to my heart) that way whenever I look at it, I'll be reminded.

No pain, No gain...
As for the pain, it actually didn't hurt at all. I know it's small but it depends for everybody! It felt kinda nice.. very surreal when it was happening.. I was so happy. So happy. Fresh tattoos are like.. unexplainable (the feeling)

"Betcha can't just eat one!"
Lays chips said it very well. Tattoos really are kinda addicting in my opinion. I do know I want more but this time, I definitely will learn from my mistake and have asbolutely no regret on my next tattoo. But it's only the font I regret.. The meaning, never. I know what I want already for the next one.. just waiting for some courage and balls basically hahaha! Because I know it will hurt where I wanna get my next two tattoos.. the longer you wait, the more you'll know if it's for you. =)


Hopefully you all got to know me just a little bit better from this. =) If you're inked or wanting to get inked, leave a comment and let me know about yours! 

- J.

What's in my make-up bag?!

Well, if I'm going to do a What's in my purse, I gotta do a make-up bag right?!

Okay so, same thing applies to my make-up bag. I've been a good girl and now I try to carry as minimal make-up as possible! My old make-up bag, honestly looked like I was travelling somewhere! Haha! It was super full so now I only take a couple of things with me.. which doesn't make it as fun to see.. oh well! 

 From Daiso - ya'll know I love that place!!!! <3<3<3

-Nail clipper
-Hair tie
-Bobby pins
-Nail filer
-Nars Blush in Orgasm
-MAC's MSF in So Ceylon
-Bare Escentuals Buxom Mascara
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyepencil in Zero
-Annabelle's Blush Brush (I usually take my MAC's #134 brush but it's too big)
-Revlon's Eyelash Curler

Pretty easygoing right? I'll sometimes switch up the blushes but I usually keep those two face products in there. When I had my bigger make-up bag, it mainly just had a double of everything.. ex: a couple of mascaras, blushes, eyeliners.. and then I'd have some eyeshadows and yada yada yada. I'll throw in an eyeshadow if I think I might need to touch it up. Other than this, this is all of it!

So I ask again, what's in YOUR make-up bag? ;)

Stay pretty and classy =) 

What's in my purse?

Yay! My turn! Before we go inside the wonders of what is in my purse, I would like to say that I did cheat. LOL.. I have quite a bit of trash in there.. but what I'm showing are the main essentials anyways so the randomness doesn't really matter.. right? I don't know, if you're interested, I just had some strawberry shortcake booklet thing I got from a Happy Meal at McDonalds (LOL), some kleenex and a pencil I never took out when I had school.

Let's get started! OH! I also want to say that I have toned down on the things I bring with me because I learned my lesson when my strap broke off on my most absolute favourite green purse because I carried too many things :( (I got that habit from my mother.. you should see her purse! Literally weighs about 10 pounds or even more) And I also want to let you girlies know that I used to have over 5 lip products with me...I don't know why... but I finally have a real make up storage so they're all sitting in there now and finally isn't drowning in sorrow in my purse haha!

My purse that I love oh so much. It's from a Korean site which makes me adore it even more =)

-Tylenol (I get headaches quite often)
-Carmex (love)
-C.O.Bigelow Lip Gloss in Pink Mint
-Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Pink Please (I love it so much, I got my very first back up!)
-My crappy Iphone
-My wallet
-An umbrella from Mary Kay Cosmetics (because ya'll know it rains like mad randomly in Vancouver!)
-Keys (yes I am aware I have a lot of keychains.. I also toned down on that as well)
-A finished Guerlain makeup powder that I use for a mirror (cute right! haha)
-Glysomed hand cream!
-My makeup bag
-Tampons (Yup, you'll never know when it's going to happen or when your gf needs one!)
-3 different packs of 5 gum. (um.. yeah idk why for this one)
-Spongebob playing cards! (because who knows when you end up bored and you just wanna play some BIG 2! yup, my asian side.)

*Missing my Ipod!
This was fun!!!!! Hope that was fun for you as well! 

What's in YOUR purse? ;)

xoxo, J. =)



I am sporting Sephora by O.P.I - Metro Chic
I accidently picked up the matte version.. which I don't like very much.. I'm not a big fan of the matte polishes. So I applied my beloved Seche Vite Top Coat (LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!)

I absolutely love this color.. I don't wear it too often just because I think it's too pretty and I don't want to run out of it.. LOL >.<
Anyways, sorry for the crap picture.. I don't know where my camera is. I was going to take a picture of what it looks like as a matte polish :( next time maybe? it's late so I got lazy to look for it.

Anyways, just a quick post! Hope you are all doing well and I know my blog is still looking noob.. I'M WORKING ON IT!!! 

xoxo, J.


Ch-ch-check it out!

Join me on www.beautylish.com!
I was emailed by the beautylish team and they asked if I wanted to be one of their beta users (which I had no clue what it meant (lol loser) but basically be one of the first users and have a sneak peak of the website)
Anyways, it's pretty fun! You check out other profiles - you can follow, and they can follow you. You can browse through products from all sorts of make up brands and watch make up tutorials/reviews... and much more!

I believe the site is still in process of being updated but sign up now!!! :)

Quick Update:

Went to Starbucks yesterday and had an awesome talk with Tessa. It's a part of my life - going to starbucks and sitting there for hours talking about everything and anything with my girlfriends. We were supposed to do a BLOGTV sess with Frank (ice1cube) but that failed.. :( And unfortunately, it was raining and another crappy weather day in good ol' Vancouver.. so we weren't able to do the things we wanted to do. NEXT TIME! :)

Anyways, here's a little snapshot for you. Can you guess what I'm doing on my phone? :)

 Shirt: Aritzia Ring: Forever 21 Eyelashes: Daiso :) Nails: O.P.I - Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

muah. <3



Eyes Of The Day? :)

I went out for another birthday dinner but unfortunately, I have no pictures to show.. :( I thought we would be taking some picture but we didn't. How sad - I know.
But before I left,  I did quickly snap a couple of my eye make up. Now please excuse my camera, I know it's shitty therefore, the color payoff is horrible. :(
If you all would like to donate some $$, I will glady accept it. :P

Products used:
-MAC's Satin Taupe (all over lid)
-MAC's Greasepaint Stick (L/E) in Black (on the upper lash line smudged out)
-Mary Kay's duo eyeshadow in Dbl Expresso (used the dark brown color on the outer lower lashline)
-MAC's White Frost (applied in the tear duct and on the lower lashline blending it into the dark brown) [I know you can't even tell in the picture]
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (tightlined)   
-Maybelline's Lash Stiletto on upper lashes (not a big fan of this mascara)
-CoverGirl's Lash Blast on lower lashes
-Criss-cross eyelashes

(I am in looove with these lashes)

EASY RIGHT? Hell ya! Hope you like ittt, I know you can't even see the Satin Taupe :( .. sorry :( :(
But it's actually a really nice simple day smokey eye look.. (I think lol)

muuuuuuuuuuuahz. <3


I'm pretty sure everyone (at least people who are a nail polish fanatic like myself) are familiar with O.P.I's Alice in Wonderland collection!
I was in my sister's room and I happen to find "Absolutely Alice" (which I will do a post on probably) nail polish and then I found the one and only infamous "Mad As A Hatter" nail polish!!! I was beyond excited because I know how hard it is to find it - being as it's ALWAYS sold out!
But yes! Being one of the few, I finally have my hands on this baby!

This polish is basically craploads of multi-colored glitters in a clear coat. I feel like a little kid again while wearing this.. you know back in the days when you would apply pretty glittery nail polish? Yeah well, that's exactly what this color is. The glitters are a fairly decent size. It's not too fine where it looks like shimmers but it's not too big where it's chunky.

Okay couple of CONS though!!
- You have to seriously layer on this bad boy if you want a full coverage with no bald spots (lol)
(I have on about 3 coats!)
- With that being said, if you were to apply this color everyday, you'd be out of this product like that *snap*
- Glitter is a b*tch to take off.. seriously.
- It's been selling out like mad so it could be hard to get your hands on it!

Umm.. lol! that's kinda all the cons I have with it for now.  I fell in love with it when I saw swatches and pictures of it. However, honestly.. I'm not feeling it on me. Not only do I feel a little stupid like some kid with glitter all over her nails but it just doesn't look right on me... which saddens me.. I mean hello?!?!?? ME. NAIL POLISH. ANYTHING WILL LOOK GOOD ON MY NAILS! LOL!!! JK!

I think this color would definitely look good for NYE.. nonetheless, I like the concept of it. I like how it's crazy just like Mad As A Hatter himself lol. I think this polish could definitely be a love-hate relationship for most people.

If you have this color, let me know what your thoughts are on it! =)


Victoria Beckham got errbody doing it!

When we see hot pink and zebra print, we automatically think of Victora Beckham!


Yep, the Posh Spice Girl with the amazing too hot for words husband David Beckham, started this super hot trend (well I believe she did).

So I took the inspiration to my nails! This isn't the first time I did a zebra print with some hot pink peeking through, but this was the first time doing something different but still keeping the whole idea together.

I was always on the look out for a super bright hot pink nail polish, and today my sister found one! I was a tad bit disappointed because in the bottle it looked a lot more neon and crazy.
I think you can only get this in the States because it had a sticker on it saying it was from Nordstrom and I have never seen this brand anywhere else! But who knows for sure!

Anywho, the color is a lot more bright and seriously NEON in the bottle/in person. But once applied, it is darker and it also sets matte-ish.
I would say the color is a little more accurate here, but darker.. :S I guess basically if you take this picture and the picture above, you would get what the color actually looks like..? =/ aiya, blame my horrible cheap camera.

So if you read my previous post, you would know that I had an idea I wanted to do, inspired by my one random different nail color. And yup, you guessed it! I did it again - only with a zebra print design!

This picture is the pretty much true to color in person!

On my right hand, I also painted my thumb and ring finger the zebra print design - just to make it a little more different and fun. :)

For the zebra print design, I used...

O.P.I in Alpine Snow 
(I believe that's what it is called, the bottom is totally scruffed and ruined)
I used one of those nail art striper brush (as you can see lol) to create the zebra print! Forever 21 used to sell these nail polishes but I don't think they do anymore which sucks! Other than that, you'd probably find these at any nail supply store.

I didn't apply a top coat on the pink polish, however I did apply it on the zebra print design. I liked the contrast between the matte and the glossy finish. Hope you liked it too! 

Thanks for blogging! xoxo <3



Nails of the moment is back! yay
so I decided to switch it up a bit and I painted my ring finger with a different color :)

I had the colors on for a couple of days now so don't mind if it's kinda ugly and chipped since I just took these pictures!

Do you like? I actually have another idea with the random different color thing, as soon as I do it, I will do a blog post!! :) so be on the look out for that!

ALRIGHT so an individual close up of the colors!

The first one, or well the main color is a deep dark royal navy blue with really small blue shimmers from O.P.I
Pretty? I think so! I also have another color very similar to this one by LANCOME and omg, it is utter fricking gorgeousensenfogdgr. I only allow myself to wear it on special occasions and when I do, I will definitely do a post!! It's pretty much like this color only 10x better!! 

Now onto the second color! 

It's by China Glaze <3. This was the best I could do picture wise, in person it is definitely more of a real turquoise color! But it also has super super fine shimmers in it as well. When you apply it, it almost sets as a matte in a way.. like a frosty matte.. but I applied a top coat on top.

That's honestly pretty much it! I like the random color that pops out of nowhere though haha. And it goes super well with my parrot ring!

Do you agree? haha! 

It's such a fun spring/summer look to the nails. I don't know, I enjoyed it :)