First off I would like to say, MERRY CHRISTMAS! (well, late I guess)

If you follow me on twitter, you would know that I am gone for the holidays in the states for 2 weeks. I actually had a few looks I wanted to post before I left but my internet decided to crash the day before I left -___-

BUMMER right?! SOooo, I guess it'll just have to wait... I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!
So here is where I'll be for the next little while, follow me on twitter for more updates and such because I'm a lot more active on there than I am here.. this is just a little wittle side hobby thing!

Thanks everyone!

hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!!!



EOTD/FOTD - Holiday Look #2 (pic heavy!)

Holiday Look #2 is more festive! :) I used the colors white, green, berry (I don't own a red eyeshadow) and a hint of gold!


(numbers shown to use in order... duh lol)

As always, I primed my lids first with Quo Eye Primer
Then I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk" on my lids and blended it out with my finger

MAC "White Frost"
All over lid and inner corner

 Estee Lauder #2. "Berry Ice"
Blend color from outer corner into the crease

 MAC "Humid"
Apply on the outer corner and lower lashline halfway
Apply Estee Lauder (Step #5) "Cinnamon" onto lower lashline blending into "Humid"

 MAC "Beauty Marked"
Apply slightly into outer 'V'

I used MAC "Ricepaper" for my highlight
Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Eyeliner (upper lashline)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in "Zero (tightlined)
MAC Eye Pencil in "White" (waterline)
Mascara/Lashes (from Daiso)



Loreal True Match "Sun Beige"
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind "Light/Med"

Dior Amber Diamond "002" (highlight)
NYC Bronzer "Sunny"
ELF Blush "Candid Coral"
Rimmel Lipstick "Nude Delight"
Revlon Lipgloss "Coral Reef"

More to come! Hope you guys like it so far! 
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Happy Holidays!

EOTD/FOTD - Holiday Look #1 (pic heavy!)

I want to *try* to do a holiday look series... let's hope I actually follow through and update my blog LOL. Now that I got my bb9700 back, I can take good photos again... YAY! Here is the first holiday look that isn't too typical with the golds, reds, greens... I definitely want to do a look with those colors and with GLITTER! I will *try*. 

Yes, today's key word is *try*. LOL


Prior to applying shadows, I primed my eyes first!
- Quo Eye Primer

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk
- All over lid and smoothing it out with my finger

 MAC "Electra"
- Apply all over lid and inner corner of the eyes & tear duct

 MAC "Hepcat"
- Apply into crease

 Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips "Smoky Hazel Eyes"
- Apply #3 into outer corner and blending it slightly into the crease and halfway (or less) onto the lid
- Apply #4 into the outer "V"
- Apply #3 & #4 on lower lashline

MAC "Ricepaper"
- Apply onto the browbone

Eyeliner on upper lashline 
(Loreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense)
Tightline which is "upper waterline" 
(Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil in "Zero")

(I don't remember where mine is from. Either Model 21 or Daiso)


Face Products:

Loreal True Match "Sun Beige"
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind "Light/Med"

NYC Bronzer "Sunny"
ELF Blush "Candid Coral"

Revlon Matte Lipstick "Pink Pout"

I also just randomly applied a gloss on top. :)

Hope you liked my first of the holiday looks!
Happy Holidays! <3


GLITTER NAILS!!! & get your nails done for CHEAP for the holidays!

In spirit of the wonderful holidays, I wanted to do a classy glittery nail design. I recently took off my gel nails that I had.......

So I wanted to stick to the holiday glittery theme. Here is what I came up with which was super easy and FAST to do!

 These are the nail products that I used in order:

Sally Hansen nailgrowth miracle as a base 
(which is a holy grail nail product for me!!!!)

O.P.I "Bubble Bath" (sheer pale nude pink)
Apply as the base color, can't leave nails bare if you want.
Anna Sui "802" (shimmery gold)
Apply most of the color just at the tip and with the remaining left on the brush (very little!) drag it down the nail just a tad

Ardene "Disco Ball"
Same step as before but drag the minimal color a little further down the nail for that gradiant effect!

All you really need is just a glittery nail polish! One will even just do the trick. Just remember to apply most of the product at the tip and with the remaining product left on the brush (even wipe it on the bottle if you have to) drag the rest of the color down!
Glitter can NEVER go wrong for the holidays! THE MORE THE MERRIER :D

I would like to mention that if you're in the Vancouver area, go get your nails done for a GOOD price and and amazing job at Main & Broadway Nails Esthetics Salon! (Please *like* as well. They just opened up a FB page!) 

Early bird 15% off Mon-Thurs from 10am-1pm!!!

That's where I got my gel nails done at if you were wondering, as well as my sister... these are her nails for her birthday:


For all of this, I think it was all under only $70!!! To some of you that don't go get your nails done too much, that is a REALLY good price for GEL nails WITH 3D ART!!!
Most other salons will charge you $70 already for JUST plain french tip!

Be sure to check them out especially with the holidays coming up!
They do full set of acrylic/gel nails, mani & pedis, airbrush/3d nail art designs (as you can see from the photo above), waxing, eyelash extentions, facials, and much more!

Also, they sell a bunch of O.P.I nail polishes and all the new collections that they come out with!
As well as Model 21 EYELASHES!! :)

They also give out gift certificates and what a great idea to give to your friends, family, mom, sister, best friend.... every girl needs to get her nails did right? ;)

Anyways, I really hope you guys check the place and get the word out because it's fantastic!! 

It's on Kingsway & Broadway across from Kingsgate Mall. 
Any questions, feel free to give them a call (604-872-0988) or write on the FB wall!

Thank you so much!
Happy Holidays!


Eki's Christmas Giveaway!

Hey beauties! It's been awhile. I've been wanting to post my skincare routine up but I still need to take picture of a few products and at the moment, I don't have a camera right now. BOOOO!

So in the meantime, I wanted to let you guys know about this little giveaway that the beautiful Eki is hosting!

As you can see, she will be giving away a suuuper cute Coach wrislet and a Melliesh lipgloss!
It's very easy to enter and this is part of my entry to her amazing giveaway!

Be sure to enter to have a chance of winning! ....or not because then that gives me a higher chance of winning... HAHA JK!!! :P

If you aren't interested in the giveaway, be sure to check her blog out anyways! She's beautiful and has an amazing blog filled with lots of goodies such as korean cosmetics which I adoooore!
Here are her LINKS:

I'll talk to you guys later! Thank you to all my new and of course, my old followers!!