EOTD - Blue Whale

Awhile back, I purchased a blue pigment from GOSH Cosmetics so I figured I should try it out! 
This is what I came up with...

 - no flash -

- with flash -

Products Used:
(in order)

Two Faced Shadow Insurance
- Prime the lids to prevent creasing.. ya'll know what it is!

 Buxom Lashliner - "Leatherette"
- Apply on lids and smudge it out with your fingertips
(This is just to help the shadow stick better and give it a nice dark base)
[Use any black base: eyeliner, cream shadow...]

GOSH Effect Powder - "17 Blue Whale"
- With a flat shader brush, pick up some of the product, tap off the excess and spray with water (to intensify color) and apply to lid
[or use any royal blue shadow you have]
- Blend out the edge with a fluffy blending brush

NYX - "Deep Space"
- With a blending/contour brush, apply a darker navy blue shadow to the outer corner, and slightly into the crease
- With the fluffy blending brush, blend out the edges for a smoother edge
- Also apply on lower lashine

MAC - "Wedge"
- With your fluffy blending brush, apply a light brown color onto your crease, under the brow bone and blend out the edge of the blue shadows
(This is your transition color. It'll give you a smooth blended out effect)

Lancome - "The New Black"
- With a contour brush, apply any black shadow in the outer "V". 
(This is to give it more depth to the eyes)

Maybelline Natural Smokes Quad - "Brow Bone" Color
- Use any matte cream/white shadow to your brow bone and down towards your tear duct. 
- Also helps clean up any edges if need to.

NB Mineral Eyeshadow - "Elegant"
- Apply a shimmery champagne color or just a light shadow to your inner tear duct area
(To brighten up the look)

- Eyeliner on lashline, waterline, and tightline.

or curl your lashes and lots of mascara
You really want to open up your eyes!
If you find that this is too dramatic, lashes will help balance it out!


The best pictures I have to show you the rest of my face hahaha! I forgot to take proper pictures. :)

I hope you guys like this look. I think blue is definitely one of those shades that everybody loves to buy yet, don't wear it too often.. at least that's how I am. I always find that it's somewhat hard to pull off.. unless you know how to apply it with the right shades! :D

PS. Thank you to all my new followers. The more I get, the more I wanna update hehehe. <3



2NE1 Inspired EOTD

I absolutely LOVE 2NE1. I think they have killer style and all are super gorgeous. And may I add that Minzy looks fricking hooooooot in their latest videos!! ^__^

Their make up is pretty similar most of the time which they usually always have a thick winged eyeliner on. I didn't try to copy a certain look or anything. Considering I have a completely different eye shape to theirs, I was just inspired to do something similar that they would wear. 

So I created a smoky eye with a thicker liner than I normally do everyday but I didn't go as thick as they usually have it since I have a large double eyelid space and I'd probably look like a raccoon if I did it any thicker LOL.


I mainly used 3 colors to get this look: a silver, a dark gray, and a black - 4 colors if you count highlight :P

Prime the lids, as this is a dark look... creasing is going to look stupid hahaha.
As well as lightly putting on dark base to help the dark colors show up well. (only on the lids slightly blending it up to the crease)

-Apply a dark gray all over the lids, blending it out slightly into the crease. 
I didn't go too high up since I wanted to focus most of the colors on the lid since I don't have monolids. If you do, I'd go a little higher.
-Apply a silver onto the crease blending it into the dark gray shadow
-Apply a highlight color onto the brow bone bringing it down to the inner tear duct area (matte preferably)
-Apply a black eyeshadow onto the lids, concentrating most of the color by the lashline
-Apply the dark gray/black shadow onto the lower lashline

-Apply a thick winged out eyeliner

-LASHES are important :) It'll also help balance out the bold look (I used a pair of Daiso lashes from my previous posts)

Rest of the face!

Hope you liked it and "Clap Your Hands"
hahahaha i'm so lame. -___-


Mini Haul

Just wanna do a quick post on a few things I recently got throughout this month and a bit of last month - this isn't everything but just the main stuff (beauty wise) I guess! :)

Both of these items were purchased from Daiso, so $2 each :) And it was also taken on my iphone so apologies for low quality!

"Stiletto Red" $4-5
Every girl needs a classic red!

"Red Carpet" $4-5
Perfect for the holidays! :D

"Sand Medium" $8-10
 I got this from bubzbeauty's recommendation which according to her is a dupe for Shu Uemura's concealer.

Been wanting to try this mask for a really long time but I couldn't find it at any drugstores. But a lot of people tweeted me telling me to look for it at vitamin stores in Metrotown.. so thanks everyone!! <3 =)

"Silken Taupe

What a friggen steal huh!!! I got it on sale at Pharmsave!

"Deep Space" $7

 Wanted to try out more nyx shadows!

 "French Champagne" $7

I wanted a glittery liner for days where I just wanna jazz it up a bit LOL. The last gold glitter liner I had was from Victoria Secret and it friggen burned my eyelids like no joke!!!! 

I apologize for the last 2 pictures of the swatches... I have no idea why it decided to automatically rotate... really weird and confusing.

Anyways, hope you liked my mini haul! I am planning on doing a skincare post sometime within this month or next month... I wanna keep testing everything out to give a proper review.. It'll probably be kinda long because most skincare posts and videos are always long... -___- but be on the look out for that!!! 

Thanks ya'll.  


Lashes of the week!

I have been wearing these lashes quite often for the past week and I love them! They look dramatic but they're actually wearable and quite natural on!

They are the infamous Model 21 lashes in No. 31.

You can order a pack of these on a lot of sites I believe if you just search on google. I would probably suggest Ebay. However, I am able to find a lot of Model 21 lashes in beauty supply stores, nail salons, hair salons (but a vietnamese one LOL) here in Vancouver which is easy access because otherwise I'd have to travel to Asia or order it online.

So here are some eotd wearing the lashes. :)

LOOK #1:

All shadows used are from the ELF 32 Eyeshadow Palette

LOOK #2:

 All shadows used are from Physicians Formula Smoky Eyes for Hazel Eyes

 LOOK #3:

 MAC Humid on lid, ELF Coffee Bean in crease

Get some Model 21 lashes!!!! 10 pairs for an amazing price and they have so much variety!
Just remember to measure it to your eye shape and cut it if needed! Also, make sure you bend the band so it's more flexible and curves better to be glued down to your eye! :)

One more note: DUO dark tone lash adhesive is your best friend! <3



ELF Haul! / Brief review

So about a week or two ago, my girlfriends and I made an elf order and split the shipping. Firstly, they were having a promotion going on where they claim it everything was 50% off... which was a LIE because the most you can get off is $7.50 off your whole order... -____- so heads up, when there is a promotion going on, READ IT CAREFULLY because it was in very fine tiny printing... bastards!!! LOL. 

But we decided to make an order anyways since elf is pretty cheap... even though it would've been 10x better if our whole order was half off =(

Let's get started! =)

Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

- At first when I swatched this, I was really disappointed. It wasn't as pigmented as I have hoped but after trying it out, it isn't all too bad! You definitely need a base however! I think it's a pretty decent palette for beginners.

Studio Blushes

 "Candid Coral"
- Nice coral color with subtle gold shimmers. Pigmentation is decent, gives a nice subtle color on the cheeks.

"Pink Passion"
 - A verrrry highlighter pink! Couldn't really get the right lighting to bring out the true color of it. But it's exactly like a pink highlighter pen LOL. But it gives you a nice doll like pink cheeks. The formula feels powdery chalky but it's smooth.. but it's really pigmented so a light hand is a must!

 "Gotta Glow"
- A great dupe for NARS "Albatross". It has a gold sheen to it, pretty highlighter. Pigmentation is nice.


 Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

"Blushed" and "Bronzed"
 - Another dupe for NARS "Orgasm" and "Laguna" blush and bronzer duo. "Blushed" is lighter than "Orgasm" and I like that because it's a better everyday blush. Both blush and bronzer is great. Good dupe. Pigmentation/formula is nice.


Studio Single Eyeshadow

"Coffee Bean"
- A chocolate brown with gold shimmers. It's pigmented alright. The gold shimmers do show up however if you keep blending it out, it does blend away a bit. The formula isn't very smooth but it's alright. 


Hypershine Gloss

"Frenzied Fuchsia" and "Bubblegum"
- I think Frenzied Fuchsia is discontinued because it isn't on the site anymore, but thats okay cuz it lame anyways. Wasn't the color I thought it would be, and it goes on clear pretty much -___- 
Bubblegum however is great! It was a lot more pigmented that I thought! I love it. A must have for only a dollar!

Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

"Pearl" and "Glow"
- I specifically got this to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. The pigmentation is great and it's very smooth. "Pearl" is a flesh pink tone and "Glow" is a frosty white.


Studio Line: Powder Brush

- Haven't used it yet but I have a very good feeling it's gonna be gooood. Heard great things about this brush. I felt it and it's soft but full and dense so it'll be great for multiple use such as: foundation, blush, all over powder. :D

Essentials Line: Blending Eye Brush

- I also haven't used this yet but it's also very soft and will be great as a contouring brush. It'll be good for depositing color in the outer corner.


At first I was kinda disappointed in most of my order but when I tried them out, they're all pretty good for the value of what it is. However elf really is a hit/miss for some people. But nonetheless, for the price that it is, you sort of get what you paid for and in this case, it's pretty good! Hope it helped you in any way if you were thinking about making an elf purchase. 

Happy online shopping. :)