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Lip Maximizer - Collagen Activ Lipgloss

A lip plumping gloss that is also a lip care product?!

Not only is it supposed to plump up your lips but it also acts as a lip care!
It rehydrates and reconstruct your lips and after 15 days, your lip contour is "redefined".

*click* for a better look at the color!

Color: It's a very sheer light pink with super tiny shimmers in it.. it pretty much goes on clear...
Scent: A subtle minty vanilla scent! I like it! Definitely not overpowering and the vanilla makes it smell so much nicer than just plain mint!

To Use:
Apply under regular lipstick or gloss for volume and shine, or morning and night as a 15-day intensive care




do you see a difference???

compared to other lip plumping glosses - this one definitely doesn't tingle your lips like crazy!
you can slightly feel the tingle-ness (lol) but not as extreme as other ones.
as for making your lips look more plump, i think it's okay.. i feel like i've used better ones despite how much more they tingle and sometimes even burn your lips.

another pro is that it also isn't a sticky gloss! thumbs up for that!

so let's do some pros and cons to quickly summarize?

- doesn't tingle/burn your lips like other lip plumping glosses
- the scent is wonderful!
- not sticky at all!
- doesn't dry out your lips

- it's $30 (however i got mine for free MUAHAHAHA)
- it doesn't do a very good job at plumping..
- not a super high pigmented color, unless you like that

As for the intensive care for your lips, so far i'm liking it.. it's not drying out my lips or anything..
i definitely have to keep trying it out for the rest of the 15 days.
perhaps an update? :)

thanks for blogging lovelies xoxo.

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