Love Package from Cydia! (Cydangie)

Another unboxing love package! Although it's not so much unboxing since I already opened it... the original shot wasn't good so I wanted to refilm it since I wanted to make a video on it and show you guys what Cydia got me!

If there are anything you'd like to see me review/do a tutorial on - let me know!!!

Check out the love package that I sent her:

&& Other love packages I sent:
GraciousGlamours: http://youtu.be/KZpEGpeaBig
LisaLin: http://youtu.be/bCNjEc4Zqhc

Thanks again so much Cydia - love you girl!

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savviebabie said...

Hi! You have a super fresh look and I love your sense of style! Keep doin what you do :)

Just have a quick question: what lipstick are you wearing in the "Love Package from Cydia" video? I've been looking for baby pink lipsticks/lipglosses but it's so hard to find the right shade. ><

Jenny said...

@savviebabie i THINK it was revlon's primrose.. one of my all time fav baby pinks! thank you so much!