GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!!! (& Notes to RULES of all my giveaway)

Congratulations to......


Please inbox me on YOUTUBE your infomation within 3 days:

Full Name & Mailing Address!

(if I don't hear back from you - i will choose a new winner)

This was completely at random - I used a random number generator website. 

*For those that didn't win - thank you so much for entering.

NOTE: I had to disqualified a few people because:

1. Not all of you followed the rules.
2. Are not even subscribed to me... come on. Don't be rude and cheap.... My giveaways are meant for LOYAL subscribers... if you are in it for free stuff... not cool man. lol

PLEASE keep your FEED PUBLIC so I can see you have followed all the rules and that I know you are subscribed, like & favourite the video as the rules applied. Failed to do so, I cannot choose you as a winner. It's pretty common sense - how else would it be fair and how would I know you followed the rules? 

With that being said, this is not the last giveaway and I hope you all will be more honest. Also, I remember usernames so I know who are my loyal subscribers when I always see their comments hence I know who were just in it to win and did not even follow the rules.

I apologize if this seems mean but I want it to be FAIR and HONEST.

Thank you for your understanding and for everyone who was being honest and followed the rules.

Hope you all had a great christmas & I have a new video coming soon on my FAVOURITE PRODUCTS OF 2012!!!! 


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