Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks

I have been looking for these lipsticks EVERYWHERE for the longest time
and they finally brought it to Canada! :D

I found these at Shoppers Drugmart a couple of weeks ago
and I saw them at London Drugs after about a week ago! 

I picked up 3 colors!

(in order)

Soft Nude -

Carnation -

Peach -

 I wore Peach for a couple of hours and ate with it on and it did a decent job of staying on. However I did reapply after anyways. It doesn't dry out my lips all that much but it isn't super moisturizing or anything either. It is somewhat creamy and definitely has good 

The colors are definitely buildable - which I love! Soft Nude must be one of the BEST nudes ever. Especially for a drugstore lipstick! It's pretty much what it's said to be, a soft nude. The colors that I have aren't matte nor shimmery/frosty. It has a tad bit of a shine to it but it's 
not super glossy.

The packaging is pretty sturdy and very chic. It twists up very nice and smoothly with a pretty sounding *click* lol. (Sorry I didn't take a picture but I'm sure you all know what it looks like!) 

There's not too much color variety. I couldn't swatch any of the colors in the store but the color they put on top of the packaging is very true to color. It is a bit more on the pricey side for a drugstore lipstick ($10.99 CAD), nonetheless I really like these lipsticks and I've been wearing them a lot recently! 

Swatches - 

(different lighting so you get a feel of it more)

And I don't have actual pictures of it on my lips because I fail at taking pictures.. soooo I only got these pathetic webcam pictures that I just so happen to be wearing all 3 shades! :P
It doesn't do much justice but whatevs!

If you follow me on twitter, you would've seen these pictures already! They're silly pictures of my dope tees. Hehehe. ^___^



(Soft Nude)

(This is the look I'm wearing if you were wondering... hahaha. It's a lot brighter IRL of course.. Webcam pictures sucks. Sowwiiee.)

Hope it helped you girlies out! =) 

PS. sorry I've been away.. just super lazy honestly. =( <3 thanks for staying put!! 


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