Let me tell you... Wonder Girls are literally 234830948058234 times more gorgeous in person!!!!! 
It was a small concert, it was short but it was good! I wish they sang in Korean because I have it memorized more so than their english versions LOL.

I was hesitant to even post up a EOTD cause I swear they ALWAYS look the same when they're really not! Actually, that's kind of a lie cuz I somehow always use the same products.... sigh. I suck. :( but here is my....

Eye Of The Day!

MAC: Nylon on inner corners
Woodwinked on the middle of the lids
Satin Taupe on outer corners

Buxom Lashliner
Daiso Crisscross lashes

I'll share some of the photos.. My camera died within like 2 songs when the concert first started. =(
But nonetheless, I had sooo much fun! My throat is killing me and my ears are still a little plugged BUT WHATEVER!!!


Sunye!!! :)

Last performance! I want nobody, nobody but you!!!

These pictures are kinda crappy but seriously doesn't do justice to show how truly gorgeous they all were!!
and even though they're crap pictures, I would still appreciate it if none of ya'll steal them, thanks. :)

This shirt is a fricking SMALL!! LOL

It would've been more fun if my stupid friend took pictures with me :(
I don't like having someone take a picture of just myself, it feels awkward.. sooo.. no cool pics.
AND I had to rush out the door (once again, I know) so no OOTD/FOTD. :(

I'm a happy girl. :)

saranghae! ;)

but the love you gave me was so so good, but the pain you gave me was so so bad..... =)


Katie Ngo said...

loooove wonder girls. & youe eotd photo is gorgeous.<3

Tracey said...

You're so lucky! I love their songs, they're so catchy! Yubin is my fav too =) she's gorgeous

Jenny said...

@Katie me tooo! hehe and thank you! i wish my camera wasn't so ghetto otherwise you would be able to see that the colors are a lot more vibrant IRL =(

@Tracey she's such a diva on stage, i love it!!! she's sooo gorgeous, i love her new hair!

DSK Steph said...

how fun you saw the wondergirls! :D