NOTM - L.A Colors

I got this nail polish last winter at Forever 21 and I was absolutely in love with it...
I decided to bring it back and then the boyfriend said "ew" ....

It's different, and at the time it was one of my absolute favourite nail polish color.. and now I'm just not too sure about it anymore... boys always ruins it! LOL

It's actually a matte nail polish but I'm not a fan of matte finishes, here is what it looks like matte. 
*click* the pictures for better view :)

 And using my absolute favourite top coat: Seche Vite....

It's funny because last winter, my friend (that was a boy) said he really liked this color.. and that it was his favourite nail polish color I wore.

Well, at the end of the day: What do boys know anyways? Pfft! :P

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