EOTD: Maybelline Pink Persuasion & Revlon Black Magic/ REVIEW

I decided to try out these two quads today... It was quite a coincidence that the colors are literally identical to each other!

I've shown these two products in my previous haul with a mini review which can be found here: *hello, click me to see!* 

However, today was the first time I really tried out these products on my eyes so I will go into a little more detail!


Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadow
Maybelline Eye Studio Quad

I applied Two Faced Shadow Insurance (an eyeshadow base/primer) first before applying the Revlon's creme shadows and I also applied a thin layer because creme shadows tend to crease easily.

I placed the white on my browbone, the silver on my crease, the pink on my lid and the black in the outer corner.
Then I just placed the same shades from the Maybelline quad onto where I placed the creme shadow colors! :)
It's like playing the matching game! lol

Maybelline Quad:  The pigmentation is pretty decent. The texture is smooth and blendable. 
The creme base underneath definitely help bring out the colors more. But I think it would be fine without a base/primer because I did a swatch before and it was pretty decent!

Revlon's Creme Shadow: The pigmentation is good when you layer it on. However, that could cause it to crease faster..
You would need to pack it heavy if you want real color pay off but you wouldn't need to and you shouldnt anyways! 
It's very creamy and blendable.

I didn't experience too much creasing, although I never really do anyways.. my lids are aren't oily. But like I've mentioned earlier, I highly recommend using a light layer of the creme shadows because I hear the Revlon's creme shadows crease very easily.


I don't remember the prices for these products, I'm sorry :( But both products should be under $10 each!

Okay time for the look!



 -no flash-


 Foundation: Revlon's Colorstay in Medium Beige

Cheekies: Maybelline's Expert Wear Blush in Berry Sorbet

Lips: Revlon's Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout
Revlon's Lipgloss in Pink Pop

It was a little too pink for me, I wanted to tone it down a little so I also applied Gosh Lipstick in Darling on top!

Wow, it was a Maybelline and Revlon day today huh? Weird.. quite a drugstore face I got on hahaha.
Hope you liked it...! 


Rena said...

Lovely! I can never pull off a pink eyeshadow look though...

<33 Rena

Anonymous said...

hi! i found your blog and i think you're doing a wonderful job! so im totally gonna follow your posts.

this is a little odd, but you look like beyonce in some angles :D

one more thing, are you wearing falsies? i'd love to know what brand they are~


Jenny said...

@Rena baby steps babe!! it can work for anyone.. just like blue eyeshadow.. just gotta play around with it and different shades :)

@Thu okay... after i raed this comment last night, i had a dream that i was getting my passport pictures taken and i looked like beyonce.. LOL!!! >.<
but thank you so much! i hope you enjoy reading my blog <3

i am wearing model 21 lashes #32 i think? :)