2010 Favourite Products

Better late than never right? Here are my top picks for 2010! There's definitely a lot of other products that I've purchased and loved but these are my constant uses! Majority of the products are from drugstores so that makes it even better because YOU can look like a million bucks but your make up shouldnt have to cost that much. ;) 


MAYBELLINE Stylish Smokes Quad: Natual Smokes

PHYSICIANS FORMULA Shimmer Strips: Smoky Hazel Eyes

MAC: Satin Taupe

MAC: Ricepaper

NYX: Taupe Pearl

BUXOM Lashliner: Leatherette


ELF: Pink Passion

NARS: Deep Throat


STILA: Shade 01

NYC: Sunny


REVLON ColorStay: Medium Beige

LOREAL: Sun Beige


REVLON Super Lustrous: Lilac Pastelle

MAYBELLINE Moisture Extreme: Nude Blush

RIMMEL Lasting Finish: Pink Blush

REVLON Super Lustrous: Prim-Rose

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational: Pink Please

SWATCHES (L-R: in order as listed above)
Lilac Pastelle, Nude Blush, Pink Blush, Prim-Rose, Pink Please


RIMMEL Lasting Finish Pro: Steel Grey

SALLY HANSEN Nailgrowth Miracle


- love it for blush

ELF: Powder Brush
fantastic brush for liquid foundation

MAC: 227
- great for blending browbone color into crease

ELF: Blending Eye Brush
- it might've been a bad one out of the bunch cuz the one I received was too stiff for "blending" but it works great for an outer corner color.

Last but not least, this is my favourite product of the year.. not necessarily just because it's good, but because my wonderful boyfriend (<<< *check out his blog too!!!!*) got it for me <3

URBAN DECAY:  NYC Book Of Shadows Vol. 3
limited edition


Ever since I heard this song, I've been obsessed.....

  I couldn't have ended the year any better without these amazing people:

But most importantly, I got to end a fabulous year with this amazing person and I went into the new year happier than ever.... My amazing boyfriend, whose taught me everything I'd want to learn and showed me a whole new different side of what love has to offer. =)

Happy New Year! 2010 was a fab year, but let's make 2011 even more fab, by looking fab! <3


HanhChampion said...


HanhChampion said...

woooooooooooo multiple mentions <3 love u baby

faye lu review said...

OH la la great post. revlon never released Super Lustrous in Lilac Pastelle in australia earlier this year(BOO!) and til to this day, i'm still keeping an eye out for it. xo

Jenny said...

@faye you definitely should! i got mine in the states but manyyyy months later, canada finally had some... but hard to find cuz it's always sold out or hidden somewhere hahaha

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Omg! Thank you thank you for this hits list. I love that you mix up high end and drugstore (where I tend to browse more often due to my inexperience with makeup). I have to say I love every one of your lipcolor picks and I'm usually picky with lipcolor. My local store doesn't have that Rimmel shade though..I went to look for it after seeing it on some beauty bloggers.

I LOVE that nyx shadow, but also haven't seen it around. Do you have "Smokey mountain" by NYX? It reminds me of that shade you posted and it's my current favorite.

I was also in deep debate between STILA Shade 1 vs Shade 1...have you tried 2 and if so, what would you say the difference is? And the NYC one is tons cheaper than the STILA so I was wondering how the two compare as your favorites? Sorry for a million questions, lol!

Jenny said...

@Jean No I don't but I just looked it up the NYX color online and it looks gorgeous! I'm gonna try to look for it here :)

Get shade 1 because girls even darker than me uses it and so if you were to get shade 2, it'll probably be way too dark! But shade 1 is the perfect shade for the summer, gives me a really nice tan color :)

NYC is good for everyday contouring! it's in my daily face routine, to give back some color to my face/if i want to contour!

PetiteAsianGirl said...

Thanks for responding : ) I'll go with Shade 1 then and I'm eager to try the NYC bronzer now too.