Updates on what I've been using!

Lately I haven't been using my brushes! I've been pretty simple with my eye make up so it doesn't require using a bunch of brushes. 

I've been into using sponge tip applicators actually! 

I feel like they don't get enough love... a lot of "gyarus" or anybody that uses a lot of asian make up like to use the sponge tip applicators and SO DO I! :)
It's quick, easy, and gives less fallout.
Yes, they are not as "sanitary" but heck, you can easily clean it too! Or you can simply toss it away once it's all used up and purchase more, since they're super cheap and usually comes with a few in a pack.

I purchased these two from Daiso. I use the giant one (reminds me of my MAC 227) for my highlight. 


I love that you can detach the applicators so when it's dirty, you can change it! 
It reminds me of those lead pencils, remember these?


 Anywho, so recently, I just like to apply one or two shadows onto just my lid. To blend out the color if I have to, I just use my fingers... works perfectly well as long as they're clean! 
 Here is a look I did using just those sponge tip applicators!

For my highlight, I used the browbone color in Maybelline's Chai Latte quad

For the lid, I used the last two colors here in the Physicians Formula Smoky Hazel Eyes

So don't just throw away those bad boys! They can be quite useful for most easy looks! ^___^
Let me know if I'm not the only one that like to use the sponge tip applicators! >_<


Another thing I am lovin' at the moment, is.....

Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick!

The infamous wearable red lipstick. I've been wanting it since it first came out but everytime I went, it was ALWAYS sold out. So while I was in the states, I decided to check out the MAC counter in Nordstrom and they had it!!! The wonderful boyfriend (<< click* he has a blog too, hehe) got it for me and I was super duper excited! First time trying it out, I got a bunch of compliments on it! 

It's definitely a wearable but also buildable red! If you don't think you can pull off red lipstick or you're too shy to wear such a bold red, check this baby out! 
It's here until spring I believe... SO GO, GO, GO if you haven't already but I was a late bird cuz of all you damn girls that got it and kept making it sold out for me LOL

(and yes, another eye look I did using sponge tip applicators!)


So from my previous skincare post, I mentioned that I didn't have my favourite moisturizer with me. The current one I was using, I didn't like the texture for my dry skin in the winter.

Recently, I've been using two different moisturizers.

LANCOME Bienfait Multi-Vital 

It's vitamin enriched with an SPF 30 which is fantastic, so I can skip the sunscreen. What's better than a 2 in 1? A moisturizer with sunscreen. It's perfect! The texture literally feels like a moisturizer and sunscreen together but it's not super greasy like most sunscreen, which I like because it sinks right into the skin. I apply this before my make up application. It blends well into my skin, helping my foundation smooth on easier, yet it doesn't slide off. But then again, my skin isn't oily at all.

LANCOME Primordiale Night Skin Recharge

This night cream is supposed to retexturize the skin deep within the surface. It has biotin which helps recharge skin cells to appear renewed and revealing revitalized, radiantly healthy looking skin.

Well, I am not too sure if that is true yet hahaha but so far, I like it for just a cream and knowing that it could possibly help my skin, makes me feel better. The texture of the cream is thick but kind of buttery... not greasy though, some may think so but it goes away when applied. Once I massage it in, it sinks into the skin immediately and feels moisturized, not heavy. It has a light "cream" fragrance to it, but I have no problem with it.

What I have noticed with using this night cream is that my skintone looks a little more evened out. The next morning, my skin looks moisturized and healthy. Or maybe I am just delusional :P


 That's all for my updates! Hope you enjoyed and found some stuff helpful/interesting! :)



AmyN said...

hey ya hun i wanted to share this award with you! well done


RAE ONLINE said...

I love how you take pictures of your eyes! And honestly, I use sponge applicators on a day-to-day basis. Using a brush can take too much effort, you know? ^_~

Jenny said...

I LOVE YOU RAE!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Thank you! I use my BB to take pictures of my eye LOL!

YAY!! I agree, it's annoying to clean too hahahaha :P

HanhChampion said...

I too, love your eyeball.

faye lu review said...

completely agree. sponge tip applicators don't get enough love - they're perfect for applying white shadows in the inner tear duct area. oooh i love coming across non-greasy lancome moisturizers ... they're very hard to find. i don't mind the genefique night moisturiZer.. but even that one is a but heavy. will try this one - great review.
thanks for sharing xx

Jenny said...


@Faye oooh you know what... before i read your comment, i was like dammit my face feels greasy from this moisturizer >_< but it eventually goes away.... my favourite from lancome is the onei mentioned in my skincare post, the hydra zen neurocalm!

Vanity's Child said...

You look fab with the Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick. ;)

by the way, i'm your new follower. I hope you could check out my blog too.

Jenny said...

@Vanity's Child thank you very much!

Cool blog :) it looks very pro haha