Skinny Bitches have hearts too!

This is a really important topic I would like to rant/discuss/explain. Throughout your teenage years as you grow older and start to go through magazines, you start to see what the media puts out there and portrays how you should look... yada yada yada. Ok we've all learned that. Let's fastforward all the corny cheesy bullshit about how women comes in all shapes and sizes blah blah blah, if you're a size 14 you're still beautiful blah blah blah.

What I want to discuss is the side of being a size 0 - MY side of it. Afterall, there's 2 sides of every story right? Yes, of course you see all these beautiful models out there that are smaller than a size 4 or whatever and every single person that discusses about body image and how you DON'T need to be a size 0 and still be beautiful.

But can I just mention that not EVERY size 0 girl out there WANTS to be a size 0? When girls these days gets praised for being curvy and being thick is beautiful... it's almost as if they're bashing on girls that are NATURALLY skinny/petite/thin/slim.... "anorexic", however the eff you want to call it.

Here's my side of it: I am not the kind of girl who looks at herself in the mirror and sees a size 14 when in reality I'm not. I see my true size. I know I'm skinny. But being my size, you get all these people saying: "OMG, YOU'RE SOOOOO SKINNY! EAT SOMETHING!" - what the fuck bitch. Saying something like that is as bad as saying "You should go on a diet" to a bigger girl. How the mother fuck is that in any way a "compliment"? Not to mention, I can fucking eat bitch. It may not look like it but have you ever heard of something called high metabolism? Or naturally born that way? There are girls that are just naturally born big boned, as well as those who are naturally born petite. Not every skinny girl starves herself to death just like how not every bigger girl stuffs her face constantly.

Another "compliment" that I always get: "Your legs are the size of my forearms!" ....do you see me going around saying "your arms the size of my head!".... it's like we're allowed to be more sensitive to bigger girls but apparently it's okay to be as blunt and rude to skinny girls because that's what society/media portrays everyone should look like right? WRONG. In REALITY, everything has it's flaws and being skinny isnt as "acceptable" as you'd think.

I understand sometimes comments like those aren't meant to be "rude"... but just try to switch around the situation and maybe you'd understand. People will say "They're just jealous because you're so skinny", they don't generally see calling people skinny is a bad thing yet calling someone fat can be hurtful. Ok, that acts as if skinny girls doesn't have a heart or feelings. Calling us skinny, telling us to eat something... is just as RUDE. 

I find a hard time to find boots that will fit my calves, and jeans that will fit my thighs/legs in conjunction to my waist. Just finding clothes in general... it's like that for EVERYONE. But so many people make it seem like it's soooo easy and fun to be a size 0, and to be so skinny. It's just a vicious cycle whether you're skinny or fat, thin or big, slim or curvy... but everyone says it's okay to be a size 14, but how come nobody says it's okay to be a size 0? They automatically assume that because it's on magazines, it's implied.... however, I myself don't look like a gorgeous model type of size 0 either.

You can easily tell anyone to eat healthy to gain/lose some weight and to go to the gym. But it's just the same thing whether you're saying that to a bigger or smaller girl. In a lot of situations, it's either hard or impossible for some people whether you're big or small.

Everybody wants what they can't have, and every girl comes in different shapes and sizes. What the main point is that even if being slimmer is "ideal" to the media, it's not so much in reality whether youre slim or not because everything has it's own flaws.

That's all I really have to say about it for now... I just really wanted to make this post because I feel like nobody really recognizes that every shape/size has its own flaws and as women, we ALL have our own dislikes about ourselves. It's life! 

I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from... whether you're big/small, fat/skinny, tall/short.... we are who we are and learn to love it and own it :)

I just wanted to add this picture in because we're so cute. LOL but see, he's big... I'm small. it's perfect!
but also my boyfriend had high metabolism and he was smaller as well... so he's quite an inspiration on body image and how you can improve and work with what you got! :) ----> HANH'S blog


misscee said...

i agree completely.
this actually made me tear up.
people just don't understand how their words can cut and make a wound.

Jenny said...

@misscee thank you so much for your input and for reading this. i agree, body image is a sensitive topic for everyone! we praise and comfort the bigger girls so much but no one will ever say "it's okay that youre skinny!"... because they assume that we're blessed cuz it's whats "supposed to be accepted" when in reality, it's really not because we can easily just get as rude comments about our figure like any other.

Anonymous said...

Hella awesome..I have high metabolism too. I've had my share of rude comments about must be anorexic or having a tapeworm bullshit

It hurt my feelings I can't imagine how bad a lady would feel abt that

Jenny said...

@Joshua yeah, people just don't realize that it's not always rainbows and butterflies being skinny and we're only sympathetic to thie bigger people so when we get comments like that, they don't realize it sounds negative and it hurts us too! thanks so much for reading! :)

Kirsty said...

I completely agree with you too. I am not skinny or not chubby I am just an average size and I am quite happy. But alot of people would come to me and say 'pissssssss your skinnny eat more' but they don't understand that I do, and I do find thier comments quite rude.

At least you know, you are healthy and you look healthy. Dont let people tell you twice about the way you look cus I am sure you are comfortable with the way you look :)

great post

Jenny said...

@Kirsty exactly! it's all the same for any body shape! thanks so much for reading and for your input <3

gillybeancandyjar said...

I remember sitting in lecture hall and a girl was trying to pass a tiny girl in the row and she said "Excuse me. You'll have to move more. I'm not as tiny as you." I'm not sure if it was meant as a compliment but it almost seemed insulting for some reason. This is what your entry made me think of :P

And I too have trouble finding pants that fit my thighs and small bum!

Keri said...

Wow, this is written perfectly. I can totally relate. In school, everyone claims how skinny I am. My one friend was like, "GOD. I could break you like a twig."
What am I supposed to say to that? Thanks? Hahaha.

Your post just shines a light on a big debate. Honestly, every girl should just focus on being happy, y'know?
Thanks for writing this <3 Skinny bishes unite.. LOL.

Jenny said...

@gillybeancandyjar i get that a lot too but when its by older women who are just being sweet, i never think that it's an insult lol... but i mean like i said people dont realize that the things they say can come off as an insult and theyre not sensitive to it BECAUSE we're "skinny"...

@Keri thanks babe, i get that ALL the time too.. i'm just like um.. thanks..... bitch. lol! it's just i want people to know that there's another side to being skinny and that it's not as great as everyone thinks it is! hell ya skinny bitches unite LOL

G A B Y said...

O.M.G. I think we are twins. I'm sick of everyone telling me it's not fair because I don't have to workout to be thin. Well that's life, what can I do? Don't blame me, don't tell me to eat more and all that shit! Seriously, I would never tell one of my friends that they look fat! ARGH!

AngelicBetrayal said...

I don't think I've ever seen a post quite like this one and I seriously commend you for this! I'm not a size 0 (anymore haha) but more of a size 2-4 since I'm 5'5''. I was never overweight by any means (120 at my heaviest) but I got SO much &^%$ about my weight and body. I used to be stick skinny as a kid and in late middle school and early high school I ate too much junk food, packed a few pounds and everyone seemed to pick on me for it. Even people who were CLEARLY a lot heavier than me thought they had some kind of right to bash me for my love handles -_-.

For no reason at all I dropped to 110 pounds last summer and stayed the same so I'm satisfied with my body now and nobody seems to say anything negative. Through my experience I actually learned how to stick up for myself better and I talked back a couple of times when someone said something about my body.

As long as you're healthy and eating right there should be no reason people should make rude comments to hurt your self esteem!

Jenny said...

@GABY we may not have to workout but that's everybodys CHOICE whether or not they want to work out! thank you for reading!!

@AngelicBetrayal yes i completely understand, it's just easier for people to pick on the smaller ones for some odd reason thinking "we have it better and they have it worse". but definitely agree that it's good to stick up for yourself, it doesnt necessarily always hurt my self esteem or anything because i know myself that im skinny...it's more just annoying. the obvious doesnt need to be pointed out, just like how calling someone fat doesnt need to be said. thank you so much for reading! :)

Rena said...

YES! Someone finally posted something to stand up for skinny girls! I totally agree...bc I grew up with bigger girls always pushing me to eat more...ugh...if only they knew/understood...

<33 Rena

Danielle C said...

Yea I agree. I'm also a size 0 depending on brand of clothing. While I got used to people telling me my legs are like sticks or the size of someone's arm, that my thighs are skinny, I have skinny arms, etc.. I kind of don't see the point anymore cause at the end of the day I don't get what they're trying to say. I'm not sure if it's an insult kinda like how you say it's the equivalent of calling someone big fat, or whether it's just a compliment like hey your skinny arms and legs look great on you. It has different meaning depending on who's saying it, to the point where it has all lost meaning to me. I don't even know how to react anymore. Oh uhm THANKS!! or OH SHUT UP YOU FAT... Funny thing is I've been on both sides of the scenario. When I was a kid I was chubby (not even fat) and I was always labelled and called fat by my relatives. Now that I eat healthy, lost my baby fat, and ppl really see how little my bones are, they say I'm skinny, TOO skinny.

I can care less. I'm in the best shape of my life cause I exercise and I eat right (majority of the time if not all). Dang, you're inspiring me to write about this lol but I can't agree with you more. Less rambling now, I'm also a petite so I can totally relate! Thanks for the post even though I'm not a fan of your swearing, it was a good and read nonetheless. Truly thanks for sharing!


Jenny said...

Thank you so much everyone for reading, it means a lot that you are all giving me back great responses and can understand/relate to :) xoxo

Minna said...

Great post dear. Read it through with many thoughts. I totally agree with you. My boyfriend's mom has said to me im too thin and it honestly hurt me. This is the size i feel comfortable in and i dont want anyone to judge me. My weight is still healthy so its annoying to listen things like that.

You got a new follower here! Follow me too if you like my blog!:)



Sam said...

I am actually smaller than a size 0. So 00, or 000, XS, XXS, etc. The petite sections in stores like Macy's fit me like a tent, and stores that were good to me in the past (Forever 21, H&M) have recently gotten bigger. Being 5'1 and weighing ridiculously light, people really don't know that it isn't the best thing to be as tiny as we are.

I rarely go shopping simply because nothing ever fits. I usually have to alter or tailer most of my clothes and when all else fails, I go to the kids section :( People's comments of "You're so fucking skinny" to me isn't really an insult, but rather an annoying kind of ignorance that they have this limited view of how great our life must be for being small because society nowadays love the thin stature. It's actually very frustrating for me to be this tiny. So here's my two cents on your post sweetie ;) It caught my attention that there's a post that stands up for petite girls for once.

Jenny said...

@Sam Thanks for reading and for your input :)

나니 said...

First up, I wanna say that I truly understand your POV. It's so typical of people to preach loud and wide about how we're all fabulous etc. etc., while in reality.... majority of the not-so-skinny-girls are SO judgmental towards the size 0 girls. A lot of my own friends call skinny girls anorexic etc. There's a big difference between girls who suffer from eating disorders - and girls who are naturally slim. I wish I could eat whatever and be slim anyway, but I can't. I'm not gonna go out and blame the media and the world's view on women for that.. cause it doesn't really matter in a wider perspective (at least not to me)

And second.. WHY haven't I seen your blog earlier?! D: *follow*

Jenny said...

exactly!! haha thank you for reading and understanding. i just wanted to get my point across that no matter what size you are, EVERYONE gets judged and has flaws!

Thank you for following as well! <3

MaviDeniz said...

i totally agree! im a size 0 and i constantly get people telling me i need to eat more. i do eat! i eat a lot actually but i have a fast metabolism or maybe im just naturally thin. people think i starve myself. i've been out with friends to dinner before an i'll order a huge cheeseburger with fries and eat everything on my plate and then they tell me, "damn, i didn't know you could eat like that". hello! it was only 1 plate of food. if they could eat their whole plate what makes them think i can't? it's aggravating, i totally agree with you.

Jenny said...

yeah and then i feel like a cow for being able to eat more than my bigger sized friends lmao. its sall good though... we can eat, and not gain the weight. theres good and bad to it haha

Anonymous said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! I can't stand when people always tell me "you're so tiny", like I haven't lived with myself for so long! Hun? I know already.

Great post. xx