Update! (again)...

Herrrooooooo! First off, I would like to say a SUPER BIG CANADIAN (hands you poutine and ketchup chips) THANK YOU to all the great comments and feedback you all gave me for my last post! I just wanted to get the point across that even if you're the typical "model size" skinny - you still get judged as well as any other size you wear. Remember - everybody has flaws, even being perfect. ;)

*Secondly*, I'm thinking of doing a blog sale of my barely used or maybe even untouched makeup... would you guys be interested in that sometime in the future if I do end up wanting to do one????? I need to get rid of the stuff I never touch and have more space in my collection (aka hoard more. -____-) but I don't want it to go to waste! So let me know if you guys may be interested! :D

And thirdly, I haven't had the inspiration to post up any EOTD's or any make-up related posts for that matter. So here's a quick picture update on some of the things I've been up to:

 Some haulin' here and there... 
not everything but here's a look of some of the things I got... this all may be repeats to those that follow me on twitter.

Everything in the clear packaging are "testers" that are brand new. My sister used to work Lancome so she was able to collect a lot and so she was cleaning out her make up collection and I jumped in on the opportunity to take whatever she didn't use/want. ^___^

Essie - Sew Psyched

NYX - Lake Moss 
It's a lot darker IRL - my flash just washed it out.

Daiso Lashes! They're nice but I don't really recommend them because the band is way too thick >__<

Some cool finds...

 Eyelash Case (Notice the spelling error hahaha)

Mascara Guard


I AM OBSESSED!!!! Anybody that follows me on twitter will know this is my obsession! Baked Spaghetti Bolognese with HK Milk Tea @ Aberdeen - Mambo Cafe

 And another obsession: Pineapple Bun with butter! <3<3<3

This is such a simple dish, but so good lol. I am obsessed with honger food lol -____-

Miso Ramen :)

Strawberry Cheesecake @ Cheesecake Etc.
Ugh, I literally gobbled this up in less than 10 minutes. I will only eat strawberry cheesecake. It's just way too delicious. It's my absolute favourite dessert. *obsessed* ... again lol

Kimchi Udon Noodle @ Donburi Ya

Playin with pups!

My sister and her boyfriend's french bulldogs did the dirty and had puppies. 
2 Black, 1 White - All Girls :)

Bauer & Emmie - the creators. LOL

Just a couple of weeks old =)

LOL I know - the white one is SUPER fat LOL

They were very peaceful and always cuddling up to each other!



Schleeeeepy girl <3 hehe she's like a little stitch dontcha think?

She whines the most. She's the biggest baby ever!

She's the youngest one, but the smartest one! She was the first to learn how to walk while the other two just slid around hahahahaha!

She resembles sooo much of Bauer here!!!!!!! Especially when he was a baby!

Babygirl and Bauer!

and here they are today! They've gotten sooo big! Almost ready to be separated.... :'(

 And a lil' bit of camwhoring...

With the side of working and cheering on the Canucks! :D

Thanks for being patient and also thank you to all my new followers!! Much love!


G A B Y said...

Hmmm poutine!! That Essie nail polish looks pretty, and I LOVE strawberry cheesecake (well any cheesecake will do hehe!)

Edwina said...

Cool buys! I really like that eyelash case!! :)

ps: u look so pretty, your hair is gorgeous!!

faye lu review said...

puppies are super cute!
always love how hot your hair looks x

Jenny said...

Thanks girls! =)

나니 said...

OMG that's so weird! My mom just left last night to help out some friends whose dog went in labor! XD WOO for puppies <3 and I LOVE French bulldogs! They're SOOOO cute!

YAY for hauls! *_* It's so cool that ur sis used to work for Lancome. I'm not a Lancome fan (against animal testing -__-"), but it's pretty cool either way! Hehe.. You look amazing btw! AND I looooove NYX - the trios are epic!

Lisa said...

can i just say that the baked spaghetti looks absolutely OMNOMNOMNOM?? shaaaare!!! mMmm.
and yes, if you'll ship to the US, i'd be interested in buying makeup from your blog sale and hoarding more :) hoarding more makeup from your hoard collection so you have more room to hoard. bahah..

Jenny said...

@Lisa it tastes even better than it looks!!!!! hahahaha at a point, i actually literally went e v e r y d a y when i was an unemployed bum. LOL... i'm like preeettty sure the girls that works there are sick of my face by now hahahaha. i'm a little ashamed everytime i come back... which is like almost everyday still. LOL.... >__<

i don't even know how to do blog sales yet LOL but since i just got paypal, i figured it could be in the works sometime in the future to get rid of the things i barely use for some extra cashmonaaaay :P

Lisa said...

it's pretty easy to receive payments via paypal -- the sender should just use the option "send personal gift" so no one gets hit with any extra fees. And all they need to do to send money is enter your email address (that you used to sign up for paypal). it's that simple!
the hard part is managing a blogsale -_- responding to people and waiting for payments and keeping track which items are "on hold - waiting for payment". blehh it is kind of a pain

Jenny said...

@Lisa ooooohh icicic, sounds easy enough... i'll be sure to ask you questions whenever i decide to do one! thanks girl :) <3

Hanh said...

lol i see u holding up an eggroll just to make the dogs look up. LOL

Jenny said...

nooo it was their own treat! i was just trying to teach them their tricks/manners lol