OOTD - Easy Peasy Summer Outfit

Hey guys, here's a easy and quick summer outfit. I love summer dresses because they're just so easy and quick to put together. It's completely effortless yet, looks super good and still pulled together, especially it's a printed or colorful dress!

I decided to keep most of the attention on the dress so accessories was very limited.

Forever 21

Sam Edelman

Dress: Mimi Chica
Nordstrom Rack

Here's the video:


waifon said...

hello jenny :) im pleased to have come across your blog and i am extremely addicted to your posts! the humour and how informative they are. one thing though, can you do a hair tutorial or something cos i get extremely, if not obsessively fixated at your hair in every video and picture you have of you. creepy max i know right but im just observant like that wtf hahahaha. and your bangs, houuulordy, bloody perfect! :D

Keri said...

Such a cute outfit. I absolutely adore your ring and I kept staring at it during your video :) Which I also love by the way! Can't wait for more videos from you~ Cookie is adorable hahaha

The Shoe Bunny said...

I love that humongous ring! And you're pretty :>

P.s. Just followed you, mind following back? Hehe


che said...

My kind of summer outfit! Love the dress.

wongy said...

Any beauty tips for guys, Jenny? (no homo)

Jenny said...

@wongy wash your face everyday (esp at night) with a good cleanser. use an exfoliating cleanser once or twice a week and always moisturize after washing your face. and also, always wear sunscreen even if its raining or cloudy.:)

wongy said...

Jenny, can you recommend a good facial moisturiser for sensitive skin? I think I must sweat out all the moisture from my skin at the gym. A lot of the moisturisers cause me to break out abit. Gross.

Jenny said...

@wongy what kind of skin do you have? like dry or oily or combo of both? it could be from the oily skin AND the sweat... you just have to make sure you use a facial cleanser every night. for a cheaper alternative from the drugstore, try cetaphil and look on the bottle for the one that will be good for your skintype!

Chloe Nghiem said...

that ring is gorgeous!! <3