ELF Haul + Review: 40% Off Studio Line

A few weeks ago, ELF was having a 40% off sale on their Studio Line so I hit up my girlfriends to see if they wanted to place an order! I like to order with friends because shipping is so expensive, it's more worth it to order with other people to spilt the shipping cost! :)

I didn't go too crazy, as there wasn't anything I desperately wanted. However, I still wanted to share with you guys what I did purchase!

Cream Eyeliner: "Black"

Alright, after many hypes on this product, I decided to pick this up. For awhile, I've been obsessed with cream/gel eyeliner but that I ended up going back to using liquid eyeliner because I always found that cream/gel end up drying so fast (no matter what kind of pot it is) and I can never finish it because it dries up too quick! However, I decided to just pick it up and see if it's as good as what everyone hypes it to be... and as expected... it's not as amaze balls as I thought it would be.... (typical)

Don't get me wrong, it's a good product. Especially for $3. Even more so for 40% off! However, I didn't find it to be as pigmented as I thought it would be! I was expecting it to be super black, super creamy but it was not. In fact, it felt kind of dry... 


First line is one stroke from really dipping the brush into the cream liner. Second was really building it up. And third line is just about 2 light thin strokes.

If you like matte eyeliners, give this a go since this has no patent, shiny finish to it. 

One thing I do like about this, is that it's completely smudge-proof! Right after I swatched it, I tried the rub test and completely did not budge! Impressive! ;)
I wore it out and it has good lasting power as well! 

It also comes with a mini angled brush which is what I used and it wasn't bad! Bristles are soft, and it gets the job done. Only gripe is that if you keep putting more product on the brush, it separates and creates a gap if that makes sense... so gotta just wipe off any excess.

I  thought the jar was gonna be a lot more bulky like their conditioning lip balms which are GIGANTIC lol. However, this one is pretty small and cute! It's just pretty much the same size as the MAC Fluidline.

Overall, for the price - great product. I just wish it was a more pigmented and creamy. It might just be mine though. I've stated before that sometimes ELF's products aren't consistent (like their shipping).

Makeup Mist & Set

After seeing Raeview talk about this product, I was totally intrigued because I was going to pick up MAC's Fix+ since my skin is so dry during the cold weather and my dry spots look terrible through foundation and POWDER especially.

First off, the spray is very powerful LOL. It makes me flinch everytime hahaha! It has Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber, Vitamin A, C, E... which is awesome! It did a great job at hydrating my skin and making those dry spots disappear. However, I thought it would smell good with all those ingrediants in there but I didn't find it to smell like anything when I sprayed it on my face but when I smell the bottle, it smelt like sharpie pens... yikes!

I think it's a great dupe for MAC fix+ though :) Next, I will try to use it to foil eyeshadow!

Hypershine Lipgloss: "Bubblegum"

This isn't part of their Studio Line obviously, but I just wanted a back up of it since I love it so much! It's a milky baby pink and it smells so goddamn mother of pearl amazing. YUM.

Kabuki Face Brush

I've been wanting this for so long but I always put off buying it because it's originally $5, and I know that's still cheap but since ELF is ridiculously cheap, I can't justify for getting anything over $3... LOL... ridiculous, I know. It's the azn in me talking :P But since I was able to get 40% off, I thought advantage! This brush is sooooo soft! All of the Studio Line brushes are amazingly soft! Totally recommend their brushes! I love the two dye hairs as well, it looks so pretty!

Pressed Powder: "Sand"

I normally don't ever use powder because they look cakey on me and shows off my dry spots but I've been setting my concealer underneath my eyes with a powder since I use some really creamy concealers and they tend to crease under my eyes. So I wanted to give this a try! This powder sets matte, and it actually gives pretty good coverage as well! I tried to look up swatches, and thought Sand would be good but it is a little light for me at the moment. I used this powder to set my foundation and it gave me a flawless matte finish! It didn't accentuate my dry spots as much as other powders, and after using the Makeup Mist & Set Spray, it was fantastic!

The packaging isn't too bad. It's travel friendly enough, has a mirror, and underneath the powder there is a sponge as well.

I used all the products on my face today as well :)
Its not a great picture, but it's something! haha

That's all I picked up! It's a small haul but I'm pretty content with my purchases! I hope this was informative and be sure to check their website because I get emails from them CONSTANTLY on great promotions everyday!

Also, if you haven't checked out my other haul, please do so and maybe you can get some ideas for Christmas Gifts! :D

Thanks for reading! LOVE Y'ALL! 

- j.

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The Vain Girl's Palette said...

just made a order recently and noooo now i regret not getting the mist! i hate all my dry spots after applying foundation :[