Hello, Haul, Valentine's Day

Greetings from America! 

Currently I am back in Dallas visiting the boyfriend... So of course I had to do a bit of shopping right?! Here is my little haul at Forever 21!

I had purchased a few other items from Nordstrom Rack, Victoria Secret, Club Monaco as well. Oh, and only a couple of drugstore items. But I didn't put it in the video just because it would've been a super long video. I kept it only Forever 21 because it's A. Affordable B. More easily accessible. C. Cuz everyone loves F21!

Valentine's Day was relaxed, sweet and simple. We went shopping, went for lunch, hung out at home, had sushi for dinner. Kept it pretty low key as V-Day wasn't a huge deal for us.

However, I did get some "gifties" from the boyfriend! 

Got the Sigma Mrs. Bunny Travel Sized Kit! I chose this set instead of the regular full sized kit because I liked the brushes that came in this one a lot more and I'd use all the ones that comes in this set. Great price as well for what you get in this set!

Exchanged a Marc Jacobs watch (band was still too loose on my wrist) for this Gold Michael Kors watch! I love it, it's so classic looking and the price was awesome! The hands also glows in the dark, how kewl! Spotted at Nordstrom Rack :)

Anyways, that's about it for now.... I'll try to update more another time! Thanks for staying put!


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chocolate + strawberries = love