Holy Grail.

Barnes & Noble. A great place to sit, relax, read/study and sip on Starbucks.

I had just finish reading my bible; Vogue and had the last sip of my Passiontea Lemonade, I realized I wanted to share with you guys my holy grail closet item......


HOLD UP! Before you think "boring!"...

Let me back up my reasons.

Is it predictable? Probably.

Now I know heels make an outfit look 10x better, sexier, and more edgy - let's face the facts. They fucking hurt. Unless you drive 24/7 and do barely any walking. But ladies, I live in Vancouver where I take the skytrain to work and I'm on my feet all the time!

Other than the fact that people tend to have staring problems in Vancouver, (Tip: take a picture, it lasts longer and you can frame it!) I just feel much more comfortable in flats.

Why I love them? They go with almost everything!!! Shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses - play it up or dress it down. Practical, comfortable, and easy.

Sometimes I feel like heels make a person look like they try a little too hard. Day to day, I love being comfortable and laid back in my clothes. I can list out many reasons why I love heels, don't get me wrong - they're a great invention for us women and our legs ;).

But flats... when can you ever go wrong with flats? Unless you're in the club. That's the only time I'd forbid them. Because you look like a loser. GIRLFRIENDS - if y'all gonna wear flats to a club..... It's either GO HARD OR GO HOME!!!

Having said that, if you must - bring a pair in your purse or coat check them. That way you can have your reliable comfortable flats to wear on the walk back of shame... wherever that may be haha.

Which takes me back to my point - reliable. Flats are reliable. No need to worry whether you'll trip in them, no need to worry whether you'll break a heel or get stuck in the crack of the concrete and looking like an idiot.

They will never fail.

Bonus: If I had to run away from an attacker (knock on wood), I'd have way more control than in heels. Better safe than sorry!

...although I guess with a heel, you can stab them in the eye with it...

It'll always be a battle between the two...

What's your fashion piece you can always rely on?



Joy said...

LOL go hard or go home,
I agree with what you say. yet, I have so many pairs of heels and maybe 3 or 4 pairs of flats...ain't that funny?

Jenny said...

@Joy haha thanks for reading!

Beauty and the Scientist said...

I have become addicted to flats this year, within a week I ended up with 4 pairs :) I love them!!!