TUTORIAL: How I Fill In My Eyebrows!

Hey guys! Hope you had a great labor day long weekend!

This video was highly requested - thank you! Here I will show you guys what I personally do to fill in my eyebrows!

As for grooming, I don't do too much - I like to keep the natural shape of my brows. I just tweeze and use an eyebrow razor to shave off any stray hairs.

Product List:

Make Up Forever Aqua Brow: 15
ELF Eyebrow Kit: Dark
Benefit Boiing Concealer: 02

Sigma Small Angled Brush: E65
Angled Brush (Unknown Brand - My sister got it at a special effects store, sorry!)
Lancome Dual End Concealer Brush (I think it may be discontinued now)

Never OVERPLUCK!!!!!!!!!

I know everyone says this but SERIOUSLY follow it! Eyebrows make or break your face and your brows better be on point bitches! haha

If you suck - go to a professional! Eyebrow threading is my favourite, and it's super cheap!!! :)

I've learned that after tampering around with my brows too often, I lost a lot of hairs and my arch - which is why I have to fill them in now! I used to have way thicker brows so I wish I listened to the millionth person that told me not to mess around too much with it! 

I also think from using very waxy eyebrow pencils - it kinda made me lose some hairs as well... weird?

Anyways, hope this was informative, helpful, and you were able to pick up any tips or tricks!

Thanks so much as always for watching, reading, subscribing :)



Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You have the lovliest eye brows! I feel like mine are all messed up from years of not knowing how to pluck! :(

Ashley said...

Massive brow envy here!
I can never fill in my brows to my liking.. They always end up so dark and bushy looking and most eyebrow powders/pencils give me the most painful eyebrow zits ever!!

JC ♔ said...

Your eyebrows are definitely amazing!

April Rovi said...

lovee your brows!