I'M BACK...... x2

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to still be blogging. OOPS. :P

My bad girls, if you follow me on twitter - you'll know why and where I've been ;) 
I don't have too much to say other than the fact that I finally got a couple of things that I'm stoked about.. As soon as I get a hold of a camera, I'll share it with ya'll! So as for now, I just wanna say that I'm still alive and well.

... a clue of where I've been for the past week. :)

mmm juicy gorilla. ;)

this flag was stolen off their very own ground. HAHAHA. HELL YEAHHH. :P

Back in Vanciiiiiity... 



DSK Steph said...

blog blog blog! ^_^

Jenny said...

@DSK i'm lazy.. i don't have much to blog about. i'm not very good at this nor am i motivated =(