Dior - Crush Glow 659 EOTD/REVIEW

I pulled out my Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow in "Crush Glow" (659) and did a soft look with it to go with the pretty sunny day. :)

I got this picture off http://www.temptalia.com mainly because my picture sucked and this shows you a super good close up of the colors!
Swatches -
- a simple gold: a sheen metallic finish
- a pale icy pink: shimmer finish
- a muted pink with a hint of coral: toned down shimmery, almost matte finish (it's a bit more vivid in person)
- a plum-taupe with a pink undertone: satin light shimmery finish
- a copper brown: pearly sheen finish

All colors are super pigmented, especially the brown color!!
They're all silky smooth and super soft, very blendable!
The lasting power is quite long as well.

This product retails for $58 at Sephora. I know that sounds crazy ridiculous but their palettes are amazing and the colors are super gorgeous!

Crush Glow is definitely a palette that's perfect for the summer with the rich warm colors! Depending how you want to pair the colors together, I think they all compliment each other very well. You can wear all shades or just pair a couple together and still have it looking fab for the summer!

I also think this palette could be verstile for the fall with the plum and brown shade for more of a darker warm look!

Here's a look I quickly did using all 5 shades.

Eye of the day!

Without Flash

With Flash

So basically I have the gold on the inner corners + tear duct
the pink on the middle of the lids
the plum color on the outer corners 
(which didn't show up too much in the photos, 
but it is darker in person!)
The lighest pink as a highlight  
and the brown color on my outer lower lashline.

Happy Summer! :)
&&& Thanks for bloggin' with me! <3

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