2NE1 Inspired EOTD

I absolutely LOVE 2NE1. I think they have killer style and all are super gorgeous. And may I add that Minzy looks fricking hooooooot in their latest videos!! ^__^

Their make up is pretty similar most of the time which they usually always have a thick winged eyeliner on. I didn't try to copy a certain look or anything. Considering I have a completely different eye shape to theirs, I was just inspired to do something similar that they would wear. 

So I created a smoky eye with a thicker liner than I normally do everyday but I didn't go as thick as they usually have it since I have a large double eyelid space and I'd probably look like a raccoon if I did it any thicker LOL.


I mainly used 3 colors to get this look: a silver, a dark gray, and a black - 4 colors if you count highlight :P

Prime the lids, as this is a dark look... creasing is going to look stupid hahaha.
As well as lightly putting on dark base to help the dark colors show up well. (only on the lids slightly blending it up to the crease)

-Apply a dark gray all over the lids, blending it out slightly into the crease. 
I didn't go too high up since I wanted to focus most of the colors on the lid since I don't have monolids. If you do, I'd go a little higher.
-Apply a silver onto the crease blending it into the dark gray shadow
-Apply a highlight color onto the brow bone bringing it down to the inner tear duct area (matte preferably)
-Apply a black eyeshadow onto the lids, concentrating most of the color by the lashline
-Apply the dark gray/black shadow onto the lower lashline

-Apply a thick winged out eyeliner

-LASHES are important :) It'll also help balance out the bold look (I used a pair of Daiso lashes from my previous posts)

Rest of the face!

Hope you liked it and "Clap Your Hands"
hahahaha i'm so lame. -___-


Rena said...

HOT HOT HOT! I haven't been trying out smokey yes lately, but I've got to try this out!

<33 Rena

Jenny said...

@Rena let me know how it goes! hope it was somewhat easy to follow LOL <3

FashionableAsians said...

I love 2NE1! I've featured them on my blog before, I love their style and I think you did a great job with the eye makeup! Gonna try to follow your steps next time I go out for dinner ;)

Jenny said...

@FashionableAsians thank you so much! lemme know how it goes! hope it was easy enough to follow