Lashes of the week!

I have been wearing these lashes quite often for the past week and I love them! They look dramatic but they're actually wearable and quite natural on!

They are the infamous Model 21 lashes in No. 31.

You can order a pack of these on a lot of sites I believe if you just search on google. I would probably suggest Ebay. However, I am able to find a lot of Model 21 lashes in beauty supply stores, nail salons, hair salons (but a vietnamese one LOL) here in Vancouver which is easy access because otherwise I'd have to travel to Asia or order it online.

So here are some eotd wearing the lashes. :)

LOOK #1:

All shadows used are from the ELF 32 Eyeshadow Palette

LOOK #2:

 All shadows used are from Physicians Formula Smoky Eyes for Hazel Eyes

 LOOK #3:

 MAC Humid on lid, ELF Coffee Bean in crease

Get some Model 21 lashes!!!! 10 pairs for an amazing price and they have so much variety!
Just remember to measure it to your eye shape and cut it if needed! Also, make sure you bend the band so it's more flexible and curves better to be glued down to your eye! :)

One more note: DUO dark tone lash adhesive is your best friend! <3



PetiteAsianGirl said...

Each of your eye looks here are gorgeous! I have tried several pairs of Model 21 lashes...some a hit, some a flop...but I'll have to check out this style # next time. I love how wispy and feathery it looks in your pics.

Jenny said...

@PetiteAsianGirl I agree! some just don't agree with my eyes >_< they're not that long so it makes it more natural then they appear! :)

Lily said...

Where did you get the model 21 lashes from in Vancouver? Im from van too and they're sooo hard to find locally, or ridiculously overpriced

Jenny said...

@Lily i've mentioned in this blogpost that they can be found in beauty supply stores, although you need have a certified card to purchase from there.

or a lot of asian hair salons/nail salons.
even a few asian fashion/beauty stores will have some.
they are not too hard to find locally, you just have to look more closely. :)

but that's why i mentioned to order it off ebay cuz it'll be cheap there. but i mean youre gonna be paying shipping anyways. i personally don't like to order anything on ebay unless i have to.