ELF Haul! / Brief review

So about a week or two ago, my girlfriends and I made an elf order and split the shipping. Firstly, they were having a promotion going on where they claim it everything was 50% off... which was a LIE because the most you can get off is $7.50 off your whole order... -____- so heads up, when there is a promotion going on, READ IT CAREFULLY because it was in very fine tiny printing... bastards!!! LOL. 

But we decided to make an order anyways since elf is pretty cheap... even though it would've been 10x better if our whole order was half off =(

Let's get started! =)

Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

- At first when I swatched this, I was really disappointed. It wasn't as pigmented as I have hoped but after trying it out, it isn't all too bad! You definitely need a base however! I think it's a pretty decent palette for beginners.

Studio Blushes

 "Candid Coral"
- Nice coral color with subtle gold shimmers. Pigmentation is decent, gives a nice subtle color on the cheeks.

"Pink Passion"
 - A verrrry highlighter pink! Couldn't really get the right lighting to bring out the true color of it. But it's exactly like a pink highlighter pen LOL. But it gives you a nice doll like pink cheeks. The formula feels powdery chalky but it's smooth.. but it's really pigmented so a light hand is a must!

 "Gotta Glow"
- A great dupe for NARS "Albatross". It has a gold sheen to it, pretty highlighter. Pigmentation is nice.


 Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

"Blushed" and "Bronzed"
 - Another dupe for NARS "Orgasm" and "Laguna" blush and bronzer duo. "Blushed" is lighter than "Orgasm" and I like that because it's a better everyday blush. Both blush and bronzer is great. Good dupe. Pigmentation/formula is nice.


Studio Single Eyeshadow

"Coffee Bean"
- A chocolate brown with gold shimmers. It's pigmented alright. The gold shimmers do show up however if you keep blending it out, it does blend away a bit. The formula isn't very smooth but it's alright. 


Hypershine Gloss

"Frenzied Fuchsia" and "Bubblegum"
- I think Frenzied Fuchsia is discontinued because it isn't on the site anymore, but thats okay cuz it lame anyways. Wasn't the color I thought it would be, and it goes on clear pretty much -___- 
Bubblegum however is great! It was a lot more pigmented that I thought! I love it. A must have for only a dollar!

Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

"Pearl" and "Glow"
- I specifically got this to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. The pigmentation is great and it's very smooth. "Pearl" is a flesh pink tone and "Glow" is a frosty white.


Studio Line: Powder Brush

- Haven't used it yet but I have a very good feeling it's gonna be gooood. Heard great things about this brush. I felt it and it's soft but full and dense so it'll be great for multiple use such as: foundation, blush, all over powder. :D

Essentials Line: Blending Eye Brush

- I also haven't used this yet but it's also very soft and will be great as a contouring brush. It'll be good for depositing color in the outer corner.


At first I was kinda disappointed in most of my order but when I tried them out, they're all pretty good for the value of what it is. However elf really is a hit/miss for some people. But nonetheless, for the price that it is, you sort of get what you paid for and in this case, it's pretty good! Hope it helped you in any way if you were thinking about making an elf purchase. 

Happy online shopping. :)




Great ELF haul - I just received the eyelid primer in the mail today from ebay :D haha

Jenny said...

@dictashion ebay?! thats weird, why not just off the elf site.. was it cheaper or something lol

Ashley said...

Saw your tweet about Queen Helene, they do sell it in Vancouver!
Or at Metrotown atleast. Go to Alive (vitamin & supplement store) across from Athlete's World in Metrotown and they carry the Mint Julep masque :)

Jenny said...

@Ashley thank you. you could've just tweeted me back! haha. but my friend also told me where else to get it as well :)

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Jenny said...

review what.... this WAS a review... lol