Eki's Christmas Giveaway!

Hey beauties! It's been awhile. I've been wanting to post my skincare routine up but I still need to take picture of a few products and at the moment, I don't have a camera right now. BOOOO!

So in the meantime, I wanted to let you guys know about this little giveaway that the beautiful Eki is hosting!

As you can see, she will be giving away a suuuper cute Coach wrislet and a Melliesh lipgloss!
It's very easy to enter and this is part of my entry to her amazing giveaway!

Be sure to enter to have a chance of winning! ....or not because then that gives me a higher chance of winning... HAHA JK!!! :P

If you aren't interested in the giveaway, be sure to check her blog out anyways! She's beautiful and has an amazing blog filled with lots of goodies such as korean cosmetics which I adoooore!
Here are her LINKS:

I'll talk to you guys later! Thank you to all my new and of course, my old followers!!

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