Girlfriends and I did a lil ELF haulage together so we split the shipping cost which I recommened you all to do because it's more fun and better that way :P

I didn't get as much as last time simply because there wasn't anything I really wanted. But what I did get, I like a lot :)


Brightening Eye Color Quad in "Drama" - $1

I was afraid that the matte white would come off too chalky but once applied, it's actually really nice and smooth looking.
The two silver/charcoal has silver flecks of glitter in it... it reminds me of the Urban Decay glittery shadows. If you have any of it, you would know that when you apply it, the glitters doesnt necessarily even stick to your lids but flies all over your face.... however the ELF shadows, isn't as bad. It's actually really pretty when you pat it on.

The black shadow has little shimmers in it, it's really nice.

All shades aren't silky smooth when swatched but the color payoff is actually fantastic for $1. I wore it all day with a base (Two Faced Shadow Insurance)  underneath and it barely creased at all! It's fairly pigmented, however the black is probably the most pigmented from the rest. The light silver would be the least. Nicely blendable as well!

If you're on a budget, I think this is a great quad to try out for a smoky eye!

Defining Eye Brush - $1

It's an angle brush, flufflier than an angled eyeliner brush but thin enough to do some nice shading for cut creasing or outer V's.

(I don't know why blogger rotated the picture on it's own. If you know, can you tell me why cuz it's effing annoying!)

I'm the biggest blush whore.

"Tickled Pink

 "Peachy Keen"

I absolutely loooove these shades. My only issue is that it's really subtle so I have to really pack it on... since I'm such a big blush whore, I never know when to stop hahahaha!!! JK, I'm no clown! But as you can tell in the swatches, it not super pigmented, I had to really layer it to get a decent swatch.
However, the colors are super adorable. I love them both - I haven't tried Peachy Keen on my face yet, I'm a little worried because I'm not sure if it will show up... I think if you're really fair, this color would look beautiful on!

Feat. Brightening Eye Color in "Drama"
Studio Blush in "Tickled Pink"
Defining Eye Brush

The lighting is horrible, I know - Sorry! My blackberry flash is a spazz and so it's hard to get proper lighting. >__< But I don't like pictures on my camera either... 

Anyways, hopefully this helped in some way and you enjoyed it :)



Rena said...

Humm...I've got to get this eyeshadow quad...and it's only $1!

I also adore the makeup. It's so well-blended...I've got to work on that blending technique...LOL

<33 Rena

G A B Y said...

Both blush look gorgeous, and the eyeshadows seem so pigmented! great look, you are very pretty x

Lisa said...

I want those blushes! I had that quad tho and it was fallout city for me. Must be me tho cause it looks like it worked out for you =)

Ke said...

i love the blushes! i'm trying to find some new blushes and venture out my trusted NARS hahaha :)

please check out my makeup blog too when u have a moment!


saranghaeyo said...

Oh! I really, really want that quad! I bought two elf quads a few months ago and I use, "Day 2 Night" almost every day. This one looks even more pretty though *_*

Jenny said...

@Rena like i've said in my last reply on my last post to you: just build it up and blend as you go!

@Gaby Thank you :)

@Lisa pat it on rather than swiping to avoid less fall out

@Keri its one of those smokey shades every girl needs hahaha