March 2011 Favourites

Here are a few things I've found myself using almost religiously this month, especially while I was in California. There's also a couple of new products that I just started using this month and loved.


SKIN79 Super+ BB Cream: Gold Label
(Gold Label is for dry skin, and Hot Pink is for oily)

Despite the fact that I think it broke me out (tearz), I still love it. It's enough coverage (for me) and very lightweight for everyday. A little goes a long way, you don't wanna cake on BB cream. I use it every other day to avoid breakouts. I find that I can still use it if I switch up my foundations day to day instead of using BB cream day after day which I believe to be the cause of my break outs.

COVERGIRL Smoothers Concealer in 710 Light

I decided to show you the coverage on my tattoo. This is pretty damn good considering most concealers can barely ever cover up tattoos, unless it's something super heavy duty and thick which most of the time, won't even completely cover it. However, considering how much it can cover up, it's really good... so imagine the wonders it does for dark under eye circles! 
It's super smooth and creamy. I picked this up when I saw how amazing sccastaneda made it look in her videos. Some cons for me is that it has a pink undertone to it... I still use it though. I just use a highlighter on top if I want to brighten it up but most days, I can still get away with it. It can also get kind of cakey/flaky if my skin's super dry that day. It works better if you use your fingers to blend it out since it'll warm up the product. Some say it creases for them as well.

 ANASTASIA Brow Wiz in Brunette

This was the only brow product I used for the whole time I was in California. It's a skinny mechanical brow pencil which is great and travel friendly because no sharpening is required. The fact that it's skinny, makes it easy to always get sharp lines if you need to unlike regular brow pencils where you'd have to constantly sharpen it. The formula has the perfect amount of wax where it makes your brows look natural, yet defined. Having a spoolie on the other side, gives it that extra plus as well.

WET N WILD Color Icon Blusher in 831E Pearlscent Pink

It's like a more wearable NARS Orgasm. Wet N Wild has be impressing me a looot. Their new color icon collection is amazing. Super blendable, smooth and pigmented colors. It's been one of my everyday blushers, along with the next product below. The con is the cheap packaging smells horrible... however, eyeshadow quads I purchased didn't have a strong smell, it was just this blush.... it might've just been this one in particular.

ELF Studio Line Blush in Tickled Pink

It's the perfect everyday blusher. It can go with any make up look - dramatic or simple. The only con is that it's suuuper sheer so you have to try really hard to layer and build up the color. 


LIP ICE Lip Balm in Apple

I brought this with me during my California trip and I found myself using this constantly whenever I needed it. I always always always need some form of chapstick/lip balm. And if you're a long time follower, you'd know that my holy grail was Carmex. However, I found myself using this over my Carmex!!!! It's because of the packaging - I like that it's in the chapstick form. It smells amazing. It has the right amount of menthol and best of all, it really did moisturize my lips well. Bye-Bye Carmex! (for now)

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Lovelorn

I am sooooooo glad that I exchanged Speed Dial for Lovelorn!!!!! I am so in love with this lipstick! I got a bunch of my girlfriends wanting to try this out. The color is just the perfect everyday pink and what I love about it, is that it's a lustre - which makes it even better for everyday because it's sheer yet buildable to your liking!
The only con is that it doesn't feel very moisturizing on my lips... but I find that's like most MAC lipsticks anyways. Nothing like chapstick/lipgloss won't fix!

Please excuse that they're a little... or a lot dirty. >_<

SEPHORA Airbrush Concealer Brush

Dab, dab, dab, and blend - Perfecto. 
A lot of people, including myself like to use the MAC 224 brush for concealer, (I originally got the amazing tip from my favourite make up artists pixiwoo) it does an amazing job of blending and concealing any undereye circles or blemishes. However, I only had one so it was either going to be my concealer brush or my shadow blending brush for that day so when I found this in Sephora, I had to try it out.
Long story short - it has the sythetic fibers like most concealer brushes which I personally hate because I find those do a crappy job of blending and it cakes it up. It's dense but big and fluffy.

Conclusion: it's a mix of a regular concealer brush (dense/synthetic fibers) and the MAC 224 (blending) = wonderful.

ECOTOOLS 6 Piece Eye Brush Set
-Large Shader/Highlighting Brush
-Angled/Crease Brush
-Blending Brush
-Petite Eye Shading Brush
-Smudge/"Liner" Brush

These two are my favourite from the brush set. It's fantastic for highlighting/blending. Amazing quality, very soft and picks up color very well for synthetic bristles which are 100% cruelty-free, YAY!
The rest of the brushes are also great, these two were just my favourite ones from the bunch. It has the brush case with a mirror. Perfect for travel and yes, I also brought this with me to Cali and was very pleased! 


URBAN DECAY Naked Palette

Well, DUH. I mean do I really need to explain why this is my favourite? This isn't even a March favourite, this is a LIFE favourite. Kthnxbye. Yes, be jealous if you don't have it. :)


 REVLON Scented Nail Polish in 325 Gum Drop

Beautiful Purple Lilac color. The scent is like a subtle (thank god) sweet smell. Maybe like cake or something. However, as the days goes by, the scent starts to fade... which I don't mind because I don't even care for the scent. Just admire how pretty this color is! It is kind of sheer, so it takes 2-3 coats for an opaque color like most Revlon nail polishes.

Both of these beautiful babies were purchased in California. Thank you Hanh <3

Got these from a really cute shoe store (I forget the name) by Huntington Beach.
Wedges are super easy to walk in, if you find heels are just not for you... which I will consider you as not a girl. LOL. These are perfect for sunny days <3 I wore it a lot in Cali :)


 BADGLEY MISCHKA Ankle Strap Peeptoe Platform Heels 
Wooo that's a mouthful, but a total fucking beauty.

I wore them for our last date night. TEARZ
Thanks again babe, I love my shooooez!!! ^___^

He knows very well how much I love shoe shopping and if there's something he doesn't like, I won't get it... which happens a lot LOL. But the moment he says "I like them" - that's an instant purchase without hesitation.

Hope this post was informative or somewhat helpful and you enjoyed it!


Nina said...

I absolutley ADORE the outfit you wore for your last date night <33

I ordered that exact same BB Cream, it's taking forever to ship. I hope it doesn't break me out too :c

suki pooki said...

Wow that covergirl concealer looks great, I guess I'll be picking that up! I've tried so many name brand ones that just don't cut it for me! I hope this does! The colour of your lippie is adorable! Oh and fab shoes! =) Im like that too when I shop with my bf lol, helps a lot when it comes to wanting everything =P

Jenny said...

@Nina thanks :) it's an old dress lol. usually whenever you order something thats gonna be shipped overseas, it's gonna take about 2-3 weeks...

@suki pooki thanks. let me know if you like the concealer!

Hanh said...

you look good baby :) glad you like the shoooooooes. Love ya

Jenny said...

@Hanh thanks baby!! i love them and i love you!

Lisa said...

Hi Jennyyyyy,
i love love lovee elf's tickled pink studio blush! such a great product for just $3! :) and wow to that concealer. it may be something i need to pick up -- how is the application over dry skin? the problem i always have w/ concealers is that it makes my skin look flaky =(

Jenny said...

hiiiiiii lisa! i have the same problem with concealers too! this one can get kinda flaky/cakey time to time if your skins really dry but its better if you dab/smooth it out with your fingers to warm it up! i just really look it for the smooth consistency/coverage it has. i read some people find it creasing but since i have dry skin, it didnt crease on me... >__<

Donna ♥ Baby said...

wow im definetly going to pick up that wet n wild blush now! thanks for shareing :)