Storing False Lashes

So before I had a hard time trying to find a way to store my eyelashes... I had this idea where I would just put it in one of those plastic containers with the dividers... but my only problem was that I wouldn't know which brand/number/style the lashes were. So for now... until I come up with THE MASTER PLAN, so far this is how I'm storing majority of my lashes.

I got this container for $6.50 I think at Daiso.

It comes with these dividers you can place in yourself.

Just snap it off....

and insert if you want individual small squares or a longer rectangle...


Okay, so here's how I figured I can just store it in here for now where I'll still know the brand/style/number/etc. For the most part, I usually remember what style they are but sometimes you get pairs that look very similiar (ie. criss-crossed), so it's easy to forget.

First Example:

 These are my favourite natural hair lashes.
ARDELL 120 Demi's

This was one of my main reason for wanting to find a better way to store my lashes because the packaging for the natural hairs like ARDELL/ANDREA/etc.... are horrible. Super bulky and it takes up way too much space.

 All I did was I just took it out of the horrible bulky packaging and cut the board thingy majig (lol) in half.

Then I stack it on top of each other just place it in the divider space!

Second Example:

For other packaging, I just do the exact same thing and cut the piece in half.
These lashes are from Daiso.

I also wrote on the packaging that it's from Daiso in case I forget.

Third Example:

Okay so same steps as above... except I wrote the brand on the back. And both of these are by the same brand.
(Mesmoreyes: they're nice... very compariable to Ardell. Can be found at Pharmasave)

So to save even more space, I'll put the same brand and stack it in the same divider space.
The one on the left are actually Dollarama ones and I really like them too!

On the very last bottom right corner, I had ones that no longer had its box.

Unfortunately.... I still have more where I didn't have enough space for... BUT it did save up a LOT of room. And this is only half of it.... >___<

You may wonder why I don't just label it. My reasoning for that is because lashes have a certain amount of life time LOL... as you know they can be reusable for a few uses... more if you take good care of them, however - they're not gonna last forever. So either the lashes could be discontinued or whatever... if I used those label stickers, sometimes you can't remove it nicely. I'm just picky.

You may suggest: use post-its. Well, that's stupid because it'll come flying off and not stick down properly (most of them anyways.)

Until I find the perfect post-it with a  full sticky backing that sticks and removes properly, that's probably how I will start to label it... but for now, this is working okay for me and I like being able to see it all displayed out!

Hope this was somewhat helpful and gave you some ideas/tips. If you have some sort of amazing idea on how to store your lashes and made my idea look idiotic - please let me know. Sharing is caring!



Anonymous said...

So cute! Good idea:D I need more storage stuff!
Follow me back?
Elle xxx

AngelicBetrayal said...

You have so many falsies :) I really like the ones you have! I have a few pairs from Shisem but I only wear them once in awhile so no need for super organized storage. I like the way you're organizing yours and I think I might get a small container like that when I get more.

One of the reasons why I don't wear falsie much is because when I remove my eye makeup, the glue causes my eyeliner and eyeshadow to stick onto my lid. It's such a pain to remove and it makes me tug at my eyelids >.< I'm using the glue that comes with the Shisem lashes though so that could be the reason.... I'm going to pick up a tube of Duo lash glue but do you ever have this issue? Thanks!

Jenny said...

@AngelicBetrayal duo glue does the same thing. most people would say their cleanser gets rid of it but i use the purity cleanser and for ME, it doesn't remove the glue stuck between my lashes. I rely on my lancome bi facil eye make up remover. it removes everything down to the itty gritty.

AngelicBetrayal said...

Ah, thanks for the reply. I'm slightly disappointed to know that happens with duo as well :/ I guess it's pretty unavoidable.

I have a sample of bi facil and I like it but I use Target's brand and it's comparable and a lot more affordable :)

Steph said...

That's such a good idea! I really hate those little plastic trays the eyelashes come in, I always have trouble getting them to stay shut. And I always wind up losing the little tubes of glue. Looks like I need a trip to my local Daiso! :)

Rena said...

This idea is so neato! I've got to try this out some time soon. My lashes are accumulating, but I'm running out of space as well! If only there was a Daiso nearby...LOL

<33 Rena