Back in the motherland :(

Hello! Yes I am back. California was fun. To sum it all up, here's a video of my trip. It's very boring. I only filmed once lol.... but better than nothing :)

Boyfriend and I are also in Jason Chen aka miniachilles' video on youtube as well :) 

Lots of hanging out, lots of food, lots of fun in the sun. I had an amazing time all thanks to the sweetest guy in the whole world - Hanh. But most of all, I was just happy being able to be with him again. :) <3

Anyways, I'm back in the cold with the polar bears. :(

Thanks for all the comments on my last post and especially for being patient with me! 



Rena said...

OMG! It looks like you had a lot of fun in Cali! You're so freakin' gorgeous and tiny!
Oh yes, and I would love to have your abs! 8)

<33 Rena

Jenny said...

@Rena LOL it was a joke... cuz i don't have any "rock hard abs" hahaha

Hanh said...

love you baby

Jenny said...

Love you too baby =)

Ata said...
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Patrick said...
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Patrick said...
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Jenny said...

@Patrick which ones?

usually in the end, any skincare can be used by both men and women... skin is skin right? it just depends what your skintype is and what you need to take care of your skin... i gave my lancome moisturizer to hanh and it seems to be working well for him.... it just has a pink cap so now he looks homo but no one needs to know that :D

Nesin said...

OMG, how stupid. I didnt know how to reply on this blog. (thought my comment wasnt placed.. lol) accidentally used my bro's acc, my own and my backup acc -.-
sry for spamming, also, can't delete them

anywayyyy Thx! yea i have the pink one too and ehm, another question,, is it true that using 2 different care products arent as effective as 2 of the same?
for example i was like planning to buy a Clinique moisturizer, and a lancome facial cleanser. and they were like no no thats not good blabla 2 of the same is better.
-> ???

Nesin said...

LOL, this is my real acc btw. thought i use all...

Jenny said...

@Nesin (your real name i supposed lol) i have to approve it first... it helps me see where people have commented, makes it easier for me to reply lol

lol no thats not true. of course theyre gonna say that so its another sale. yes, it helps because the products from the same company are made to compliment each other. its like shampoo/conditioner. you wouldnt mismatch it, but its no rule that you can't!

just whatever works best for your skin. it's gonna take a lot of experimenting with a lot of different products to find what works best for you

Nesin said...

yea, i thought so.. though they managed to convince me buying both (the moisturizer and cleanser) by Lancome and not Clinique + Lancome lol.
but thx for the confirmation! next time ill try different combo's (:

btw i managed to clean ur page from my random comments lmao