Feeling Blue...

Blue eyeshadow can either look super tacky or beautiful.. either way it's that one color that 
bought attention to you when you were a little girl watching your mother put on her face... 

So today I thought I'd pull out the blue eyeshadow again! 
But I wanted to try something different, simple but fun.

After just playing around with some of my light blue shadows, I've realized that blue makes
your eyes really stand out and "pop". 

It's a really easy look to do, I used a light sky blue shadow on the lid and a darker sky blue 
shadow on the lashline as my liner and winged it out. Then I applied a light brown color on the
outer half of my lower lashline and a shimmery white shadow in the inner corners. Tightlined,
mascara/falsies and tada!

hope you try it out or something! XOXO

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