SOOOOO I was only supposed to go to the mall with my friend when she had to exchange something and 
turns out.. we did more than that.. we shopped... I don't allow myself to buy anything since I'm broke :( :( 
LOL but I unleashed... hahaha!

Let's quickly start with my outfit of the day! My outfits are usually super simple because  I'm lazy hahaha and I
like to feel comfortable.. I hate going out somewhere and feeling uncomfortable - makes me feel like people
are watching for some reason. 

It was a bit chilly outside that day so I wore leggings and a cardigan on top of a long loose
coral top. 
I don't remember where I got the shirt.. but the cardigan is from Aritzia! And the flats are
from Aldo.

I didn't wear a necklace for some reason... so I only had my ring for my accessories (F21)


First stop: 

(note: I am jobless at the moment so I'm hella broke therefore I was still being a good girl and
didn't spend too much :))

The first thing I got was this gel eyeliner by BUXOM by Bare Escentuals. It's an eyeliner that is formulated to help your lashes grow thicker, fuller and longer. It has vitamins A, C, and E; Honeysuckle; Jojoba Oil; Soy Protein; Tourmaline; and Biotin (vitamin B)! I apply my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack almost pretty much everyday so I decided that I might as well try a new gel eyeliner that could possibly make condition my eyelashes as well as making them grow more dramatic! It is a bit pricey ($19) for only 2g of product but if it works out, I'm sure it'll be worth it. [Will def update on it when I finish my fluidline!]

When you open up the box, inside it has that flap that comes out - so cute lol!

Next thing I got was a sample size of the Benefit - Bad Gal Lash Mascara.

I'm still going through a lot of mascaras so I didn't think I would need a full sized one. Plus it's
just sooo much cuter when it's small hahaha!

The final last thing I got from Sephora is my favourite! I got a Nars Blush! I love their
blushes, and I've been eyeing this one since foreverrrr!

IRL, the color looks like a baby pink but then it can come off like a peachy color with
shimmers. It's so gorgeous!

Next stop:

Forever 21

I got a couple of accessories! And I love them all!

For some reason, I have some sort of obsession with animal things when it comes to
accessories - especially owls! I just always happen to find some sort of accessory with an owl!

I found this and it's the cutest fricking thing ever!!!!! I love it! Especially since my other owl necklace broke :(
 But the leaves dangles and it's just soo adorable! It hangs pretty low though, just above my belly button tehehe.

Next item also hangs quite low and at the same spot - also animal related.

How adorable!! Haha! It's so different, I have never seen fishies for accessories!! The diamond as the eye 
dangles as well lol! It's pretty big but I love it :) BIG MAKES A STATEMENT!!!!!
I also got this because I am in love with the Iphone/Itouch app - TapFish <3

AND just one more animal related accessory... This one is one of my faves though!

This one hangs right where my collarbone is and it's suuuuper pretty! Despite how I hate birds - actually owls
scares me too and I also think some fishies are ugly but when it's an accessory, it's just uuuber cute! LOL. 
Anyways, yeah this necklace is super pretty. :)

Last but not least.. MY FAVOURITE!

I got these hella adorable bow earrings!! I am obsessed with bows. I will buy anything and
everything that has a bow!!

Cute?!?! I think so tehehe ^___^

Last Stop: 
(however this was the day after.. but whatever)

London Drugs

I wasn't feeling happy so I decided to go for a walk.. I wish I took a picture of my OOTD but I didn't..
it was less boring.. eh my bad! :P
Anywho, so on my walk I ended up going to London Drugs since I really needed to get eyelash glue and no 
other drugstore had the one that I wanted.. and I didn't want to spend too much money on more drugstore
products so I didn't pick up too much.

First thing I picked up was my all time favourite eyelash glue <3

The DUO dark tone eyelash adhesive! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! I swear it dries faster than
the transparent one and I love that it dries black so it looks like eyeliner!!

I also gotta pick up one of my favourite eyelashes as well right?

Definitely one, if not most favourite eyelashes ever. :)

I picked up some manicure sticks aka "orange sticks"... I have no clue why they're called "orange sticks" =/

But I like to use these for applying a bit of eyelash glue on them so I can quickly touch up the ends of my eyelashes if they start to lift!

Last but not least, (I like to save the best for last if you haven't noticed. :P) I got a lipstick!

I purchased the Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout.
Okay, first off I would like to say that I also own the Nude Attitude in this collection and I
absolutely HATEit. It makes my lips look hella cakey and dry and gross.. no matter WHAT I do. 

However, I am loving this lipstick! 
The color is super pretty - it's like a pink with a purple undertone to it. This one doesn't make
my lip look as cakey and dry! I kinda like it matte too :)

The only downfall is that it makes my teeth look a lot more yellow :( :( :( :(

That's it! NO MORE SHOPPING FOR ME! Until I get a job once again.. LOL. >.<
 This was fun tehehe, hope ya'll found it fun too :)

<3, j.


Andrew said...

Tisk tisk...wait, what happened to working at Aldo again?

Jenny said...

@Andrew how do you know i worked there..................... lol

Andrew said...

I flew 6 hrs up to Vancouver to stalk your bony ass....duh, we talked one night and you told me sweety. You still didn't answer the question...lol.

Jenny said...

@Andrew you're so rude!!! loool. i dont need to answer that here.. a job is a job, it's not meant to be forever...

Adeline said...

Those necklaces are gorgeous!!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bow earrings!!! I wish they have Forever 21 here in Sydney. I refuse to pay 40bucks for shipping haha


Jenny said...

@Adeline i know!! the earrings were my fave pieces :) yeah screw shipping! they finally opened up a forever 21 in canada too but it's not as good as the one in the states.. obviously :(