OOTD - Saturday, May 1st

It was my friend's birthday and he had thrown a cocktail themed party! My outfit was pretty simple. I wore a black dress that had a beater-like top and a poofy bottom (from Urban Behaviour!). It was a one piece dress with a belt and I just had simple black flats on. The shoes didn't matter since we'd have to take them off anyways lol.

For accessories, I wore my flower necklace and paired it with my ring both from F21.


(My Girls)

&& more pictures!
(haha! this is something my friends and I do a lot as a joke - cut the other person out LOL)

Last but not least, being scandalous with the birthday boy <3



Rena said...

You are always soooo cuuuute! Loving the outfit! Looks fantabulous!

<33 Rena

Jenny said...

@Rena hahahaha! you're too sweeet!!!! <3

Tracey said...

Your outfit is so cute! :) and you photograph so well, how do you do it??

Jenny said...

@Tracey aww thanks!! hahaha i'm actually really not photogenic, these just happen to be decent shots of me! hahaha! :P