How to clean your tarnished jewelry!

So buying cheap jewelry has it's ups and down. Once it starts to tarnish and get all dirty 
looking, usually you'd stop wearing it. BUT WHY WHEN YOU CAN MAKE IT LOOK ALL 

Here's what you will need:

- Your dirty ass jewelry (lol)

- Toothpaste [the special ingrediant! ;)]

So let's get crackin! 

1. Apply some toothpaste on your hands or fingers

2. Rub the toothpaste onto your jewelry with your palms and fingers

3. Rinse with water

4. Dry it with a towel

and voila!

*Tip: You can skip the step where you rinse it with water and simply just apply the 
toothpaste onto a towel and rub the jewelry off that way as well if you find water could tarnish
the jewelry even more.

Hope you found this helpful! 

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DSK said...

Great tip! I think the toothpaste does wonders because it has baking soda in it?

Whenever I clean my silver, I line a bowl with aluminum, dust baking soda all over my silver, and pour in boiling water, and ta da! :)

Jenny said...

@DSK ooooh, that's a good way to do it too! ps. huge admirer of your jewelry by the way!!!!! :)

Rinni said...

Oh I love this tip! I used to have the cleaning chemial for silver plated stuff, but that was too intimidating to use lol