Blog ya'll later!

I know I said I would try to do a blog post everyday up until the day I leave for California... butttt, I had a lot of things to do before and I've been too tired... SORRY. I'll catch up when I get back! But for now...


So I'm off to Sunny California for 2 weeks! I probably won't be updating or anything simply because I want to enjoy my fun in the sun with the boyfriend. So I'm telling you all ahead of time instead of neglecting my blog like usual. LOL

SUPER DUPER big thank you to Hanh, (www.hanhchampion.blogspot.com) for surprising me with this amazing Valentine's Day gift. Not only do I get to reunite with him but I get to finally go to California for the first time!!!!
YES, FIRST TIME! I've been wanting to go ever since I could remember. :D

Isn't he the cutest ^___^V 
I feel absolutely so lucky to have someone like him I can call my boyfriend. :)

Hopefully the weather is good and not rainy... Being in Vancouver, I get enough of rain and cold. I WANNA GET AWAY!!!! Lately it's been kinda on and off apparently *fingers crossed*. 
Anyways, blog ya'll later!




Have fun at Sunny California!!! :D

AmyN said...

awww have fun over there hun i wanna go cali toooo i always wanted to go since forever too lol! but hope u have a amazin holiday xx

saranghaeyo said...

AW <3
Have a fun time rollin in that hot red mustang. Enjoy~

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! California is the best!!! and I know, Vanctity is being such a bummer. one day it'll rain then the next it will warm up... I'm actually off to vegas soon..

I'm now a follower. Keep in touch and post some cali pics...


Judy Nguyen said...

love cali food :)

Michelle said...

I found your blog through your boyfriend Hanh's and your gorgeous! Does your boyfriend inspire you to workout/eat healthy too - like could you share with us your workout/eats too??

Jenny said...

Thanks everyone. :) will be updating soon... one day, when i'm not lazy hahahahaha.

@Michelle lol, no. im lazy and i eat junk