Another Daiso Palette - WOOHOO!

I was pretty impressed on the last palette I got from Daiso so I was curious about some of their other eyeshadow palette. I picked up yet another neutral palette - just because neutrals wouldnt be as disappointing if it wasn't too pigmented. Plus, I love my neutrals! :P


I like how this palette was designed, it reminds me of the KATE Palettes which unfortunately, I think can only be found in Asia - BOOO! 

The packaging is just plastic - not a biggie to me though... I mean for $2, what do you expect? Although I feel like it's a pretty sturdy plastic with a tight snap to shut the lid, unlike some packaging from the drugstores!

But to my surprise again, the payoff was amazing for $2!!!! I think this one was way more worth it and a lot better than the last palette I purchased in my last blog post.


These are the last two shadows on the bottom.


This is all without any base underneath and just one layer!
While swatching it, I didn't notice much fallout and it's very soft and creamy. Very pigmented and pretty true to the color.

I haven't worn it yet so we'll see how it wears on the eyes - stay tuned for an UPDATE on this* post!


- w/o flash -

 -w/ flash -

I was disappointed :( When I swatched it yesterday, the pigmentation was so good but once applied to the eyes, the payoff wasn't great at all! However, I did not use a base underneath! So it definitely needs a base for the shadows to appear more vibrant.
It also did not last on the eye for a long time... it already faded after an hour or so. But fallout was def not an issue which is a plus.

Conclusion: USE A BASE! A cream base or something that will help the shadow really stick onto will help tremendously! :)



...Just BEE.. said...

very pretty colors!!

xxlivelovelaugh said...

<3 Daiso... I got some nail polish there and I loved them. =)

PopBlush said...

Hope the base helps with the pigmentation! xo

Jenny said...

@xxlivelovelaugh Yes, daiso has some cute polishes - my friend got a few from there... not really my choice of colors though.

@PopBlush it should help regardless - bases always help! :)

dblchin (double chin) said...

despite the low low price they are VERY PIGMENTED I Would say! Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

@dblchin yup, i tried it again under a cream base and it helped tremedously! :)

Penelope said...

The colours look gorgeous on you! Great blog, have just followed you x

Elisa ♥ said...

pretty colors ^^ looks good on you =D !!