DIY 3D Nails + Sephora Exchange + $2 EOTD?!


My sister had a nail exam so I had to be her model. She had to do a manicure, one hand acrylic nails and the other hand gel nails and then paint it red with some nail art. For the nail art, she just did some dots and flowers and then a 3D bow using acrylic powder.

Here is what it looked like before:

DIY: How to make your rings fit smaller!
I got this awesome DIY idea from the lovely, Grace!
Check her out! She's the cutest, most generous girl ever!

*and back to the 3D nails topic*
I always wanted to do my own 3D nails because when you go out to get it done professionally, it's like over $100 for just a SIMPLE DECENT set. For one of those super glam bling bling nails, it would be over $200. But I just spent $4 on mine!!! Muhahahaha.

I got these two nail jewelry gems/rhinestones for $2 each at Daiso... I'm pretty sure ya'll know by now how much I love and go there LOL.

Red/Blue/Black are the hardest colors to remove, not to mention to PAINT as well! That's why my sister had to paint it red... anyways, so excuse if my nails are still reddish...
I used a base coat and then for my background color, I used Anna Sui - 802 which has a scent to it... like some floral scent but I actually don't like it at all.

The bow is pink because of the red nail polish I was trying to remove got over it... LOL

I looked up for some inspirational pictures and started with my left hand first. I just applied a thick top coat and then stuck on the gems/rhinestones, here's how it came out:

 And then I had a better idea of what I wanted so I think my right hand turned out even cuter! I also tried to use nail glue for the flowers to stick on better since it was bigger.... wasn't a very good idea in the end -____- I think just a top coat will work best.

I had loads of fun doing it... I love DIY! Unfortuantly, the flowers were pretty bulky so it fell off the next day... glued it back on... and then fell off again and didn't find where it went LOL. I think it was the nail glue because the flower on my left hand also fell off and I just used a top coat to stick it back on and it's still on! 


I wanted to return NARS "Laguna" Bronzer back to Sephora because I just hated it. I tried to use it probably 3 times and it just did NOT work for me. It made me look freakin' DIRTY LOL.

So I got store credit and then I went back another day and I got two things which I love!

CAKE Milk Made Hand Cream -
Ok, I wouldn't normally blow $18 for an effing hand cream so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use the store credit! And the reason why, is because this has the most amazing scent. Now, I normally hate anything sweet scented... but this particular one has some some crack in it that makes it unbelievable. My friend Carly (click* for her tumblr! She's a make up fanatic as well) had this and I used it once, went home and couldn't stop sniffing my hand like some crack addict LOL... I'm telling you... pure crack in this hand cream. I don't even care for it as a hand cream, I just love the damn scent!

 Also with my store credit, I picked up this NARS eyeshadow in "Night Clubbing". 
It's a great outer corner color for me for those smoky looks with gold... and since it has the gold flecks in it, it just screams "PERFECT"!

I picked it up because it reminded me of the Loreal HIP Duo in "GILDED" which I LOVE as a combo.

As you all know, I have some insane obsession with taupes - still love them, however lately I've been very into golds and dark grey/browns together. And this combo is just gorgeous... perfect actually. Especially the dark shadow! So I thought it'd be a perfect dupe/comparison between the two!

Pretty identical almost except NARS, of course has better pigmentation and color pay off so it's shows more towards the darker side. But nonetheless, I love it!

$2 EOTD?!

As I mentioned earlier, that you all should know by now my obsession with Daiso (a Japanese "dollar" store). I figured, this was $2... I knew that it wasn't going to be amazing, so I wouldn't be losing too much... so what's the harm in just trying it?!

Yes, I picked up an eyeshadow palette! It's their "Glitter Eyeshadow" palette. I wanted it just because it was glittery and I thought it'd be pretty for an easy everyday "glittery" look.

So after I did some swatches, tried it out... I've come to a conclusion that:
1. The pigmentation isn't all that bad actually!
2. The glitter flex on top looks to be as it's just an overlay.. -___-
3. Texture is pretty smooth, not chalky or powdery!
4. Blendable/pretty buildable
5. Wears quite nice... all of that for $2... not bad, my friends!

I'm actually wearing all the colors... just blended most the lighter colors together. I have the last two browns on my lid and outer corner.

I know... I hate when girls rotate their pictures too. I literally tilt my head or my laptop to see it right side up but I think it looks way better this way... *vain* HEHEHE.

Thanks everyone for following
I know I don't update as often but hey, I make up for it cuz I usually do a huge long posts :P 
I've been keeping up with a lot of blogs and slowly getting the hang of catching up on everybody's blog updates. I just hate the comment reply system.. it's annoying having to check back to old posts, don't you agree? >_<

Anyways, I hope you found this post interesting/helpful!

happy lunar new year =) 



You're pretty!!! And talented. OMG. LOL do my nails for me please :(:( it looks so good...

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Thank you girls! :)

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