The other day I was able to pick up Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Give Me Gold - which I've been wanting for awhile but just never found myself actually getting it and then I finally did and I love it! Especially since I've been into golds/browns... NEUTRALS... pretty sure you guys all know that by now :)

The quad has great shades for fall/summer. I really like this quad because all the colors goes really well together.
It has a champagne-white, a yellow gold, a copper- ronze, and a chocolate brown.
They're all shimmery shadows with tiny gold flecks in it, except for the copper bronze shadow which is the most pigmented from the rest. You pretty much lose most of the gold flecks once applied with a brush.
The shadows all lasted on me all day without creasing, but I did apply a base underneath. The texture is pretty smooth as well.
All shadows were nice, but the copper bronze impressed me the most! It's not my favourite color in the quad though. The yellow gold didn't go on as pigmented on the eyes as when you swatch it. So in my EOTD picture, you won't see much of the gold. It can be blended away pretty easy and hide from the other shadows if you apply it together. Same thing goes for the champagne-white
I really like the chocolate brown, I wish it just showed the gold flecks on the eyes more. 

Overall, I DO like this palette a lot for the colors it has and how well they compliment each other!


Here is my EOTD (Eye Of The Day). I couldn't grab a good shot of the actual eyeshadow application look but I was in a rush and these were the best shots I had :( sowwie.

 - no flash -

- w/ flash -
Champagne-white on browbone
Yellow-gold on my lids
Copper bronze in the crease
Chocolate brown in the outer corner

[what I do on the top, I do to the bottom (lashline) as well :)]

NOW GIVE ME [REAL] GOLD. hahahaahhahahahaha lol. 
Sorry. I'm a dork -__________-



Sofia said...


faye lu review said...

i LOVE these maybelline eyestudio quads - great colors and smooth finishes. smoking hot x

Jenny said...

They do have great color quads! Thank you ladies <3

Adeline said...

Looking hot babyyyyy!!!! I am into gold at the moment too! Maybe its time to rock my Give Me Gold quad again!

Jenny said...

@Adeline DO IT BABY!!!!!! and do a blogpost! <3333 happy valentines day