Brown Smoky Eyes

I've been wearing this look a lot. I got inspired by my girl, Sylvia, beautycakez on YouTube. It's mainly layered browns and a black on the outer corner to smoke it out. And a neutral skintone/champagne, to brighten up the look. These were the best pictures... its on my BB so the lighting was kinda crap that day. Tried my best to edit them.

Not too pleased with how the pictures turned out, it looked better in person I promise lol.
Anyways, it looks better in a full face shot so, here it is.

Since I've been wearing this look a lot, I've been using a lot of different brands/shades of browns. So on the day I took this picture, I used a shimmery brown. But on other days, I decided I liked a matte brown more for the look. 
However the concept of shadow placement is still the same, with the black on the outer corner and a light shadow on the inner corners. Sometimes I'd would apply the shimmery champagne color on the middle of my eyeball to give it that 3D highlight effect.

Anyways, here is the video I was inspired by. Please check her out, she's my girrrrl. <3

Inspired, not trying to recreate it exactly... our eyes are different anyways. :)

I'm going to California next week, thanks to my amazing boyfriend who surprised me with a ticket for Valentine's day! BIG SWEETHEART RIGHT? I know, I'm a lucky girl. ^___^
So I'll try my bestest to update... if not, well, you'll know why I am lacking the updates major.
I'm pretty busy next week, so I'll try my best. Maybe I'll do some EOTD or something. I don't know... but follow me on twitter... I update like crazy and you can really get to know me there :) 



Hanh said...

brown-monkey-like eyes! :O so pretty

Jenny said...

only for you baby :) <3

saranghaeyo said...

So gorgeous!
Brown looks amazing on you. Have fun in Cali ;]

glitteryeyesxx said...

Love your hair! What shampoo and/or other hair products do you recommend? Your length is what I'm trying to aim for :)

Jenny said...

@Keri thanks babe! :) <3

@glitteryeyesxx my shampoo changes every time i finish a bottle up. i always use one for "volume". as for length, it's all in your genes, health and diet... etc. i always had thick long hair ever since i was little so i dont do anything special to my hair, i was just blessed lol.