Tiny Collective Haul

I know I've been away - again. So I thought I'd share a few things I got... not all on the same day. And it's not a lot but I thought I'd just share anyways :)

Shiseido Water In Lip Chapstick
- So far, so good. No scent, I like it just because it's asian to be honest lol.

Lip Ice Chapstick [Apple]
- It smells so good, has a slight menthol refreshing feel on the lips. My friend was raving about this so I thought I'd give it a try

DUO Lashglue [Darktone]
- Needed a back up. Decided to get it from Sephora for $10 since the tiny tube in the drugstores is NOT cheap and I'm only paying a couple of bucks more for more product AND if anything was to happen to it, I can return it and they'll replace it for me. If you followed me on twitter, I tweeted about how the thing snapped off with the cap... -_____- >>> http://twitpic.com/3nwpbi and yes, it happened twice and both times when it was pretty NEW too! GRRRR!!!! The only thing about the bigger tube I dont like is that the hole to squeeze the product out is bigger, so it sometimes poops out >_<
 My Beauty Diary Masks [Strawberry Yogurt, Black Pearl]
- You all know I loooove strawberry yogurt! And I've been wanting to try black pearl for awhile so yay.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Shadows [Brulee, Nutty]
- I heard great things about these shadows. I wanted "Brulee" because it looked like a good dupe for one of my fave shadows from MAC which coincidently (or is it) is also called "Brule". 
And you all know how much I love my taupes which "Nutty" is a beautiful taupe color!
And they are very pigmented, especially "Nutty" - super impressed & cheap!

Wet N Wild Color Icon 6 Shadow Palette [LUST]
- I picked this up because of xteeener! I love the colors. The bottom right color looks like a dupe for MAC's "Beauty Marked" which is another favourite of mine.

ViVi Magazine
- I love ViVi. ^___^

Yes, teeny tiny collective haul, hope it was still interesting :) 
Thanks to all my new followers - HELLO!!! Hope you all are enjoying my posts!
I always read and reply back to my comments so don't be shy! <3



♥PopBlush♥ said...

I love ViVi mags too! =)

faye lu review said...

mini haul + ViVi = happiness!

che said...

I've been wanting to try the Beauty Diary masks as well especially the Black pearl one, nice little haul you got.

dblchin (double chin) said...

we don't have Shiseido Water In Lip Chapstick in singapore but I've bought that in japan! They have so many varieties of chap stick!

Jenny said...

@dblchin i know! i just found another place with more flavors :) did you just get the original one?

Hillary said...

Did you buy the lip ice chapsticks from this candy store @ aberdeen?

OH!I tried the beauty diary before,do you know where they sell them in vancouver?