Etude House BB Magic Cream Review + Swatches

Etude House BB Magic Cream

My friend had purchased this BB cream and didn't find it to work well with her oily skin so she passed it on to me and it has worked great for me! It has become one of my favourites actually!

A little background on the product: 
(35ml/usually under $20.. depending where you buy it)

This particular one does not contain what most other BB creams have such as: sun protection (SPF), whitening agents, or any "wrinkle improvement", etc. But there's two versions of this particular one (in the purple tube). "Refreshing" is for oily skin and "Moisturizing" is for dry skin. I think my friend accidently purchased the "Moisturizing" one because both types are in the exact same tube I believe, so it can get pretty confusing when purchasing online (ebay/amazon). 

So how is the BB cream itself? 
It's lightweight, feels like I don't have any make up on! It has a very natural dewy-ish finish. It gives a light-medium coverage. It looks like skin but with it evens out your skintone. It blends easily and great which I like because it's not as thick as others. It's more of a tinted moisturizer than a foundation. For more heavy coverage, use with concealer, and foundation powder and it'll be great for a lighter foundation application and fuller coverage.

There is a slightly strong scent of like some asian herbal medicine... Not very fond of that, but it eventually goes away and becomes more subtle.

It lasts for about... hmm.. I'd say maybe around 6 hours? I can't ever say too much about lasting power because I have dry skin like I've mentioned before and most foundations last a full day for me.
I like that it's in a squeeze tube with a pump. It's sanitary and good for travel. However, I hate the pump. Like I despise it so much. It's a plastic pump and sometimes it'll get stuck and it'll squirt out unevenly and all over which makes it hard to control how much comes out sometimes. Just like the Lioele BB cream, the product leftover on the tip of the nozzle also gets on the cap and it looks messy.


After blending it out

After oxidizing for about 30 minutes

This BB cream does only come in one shade and it's a little lighter and doesn't oxidize as much as other BB creams. If you are anything over NC30, it will be too light for you. I'm about NC25-30 so I can get away with this, especially after I put on some bronzer. It has a slight yellow undertone but it does contain a slight white cast on it which could be from the SPF - although I'm just not sure if it does have SPF because it didn't claim anywhere that it did...

So overall, let's summerize!

- Nice natural, slight dewy finish
- Easy and great to blend out
- Lightweight, feels like you're not wearing any makeup
- Sanitary packaging with the squeeze tube
- Cheaper than other BB creams out there

- Pump is a pain in the ass
- Only comes in one shade
- Comes in the same exact packaging for both oily/dry skin so it can get confusing when purchasing online
 - Scent is slightly strong

I'm not sure if I would purchase this BB cream again, even though it gives a nice finish that I like and look for in any sort of foundation... But I feel like if I'm going to use a BB cream, I'd want all the benefits BB creams are known for such as skincare properties (ie. SPF, whitening agents, evening out skintone...etc). I couldn't find much info on this product but I do know it's pretty popular. 

I think this is a great BB cream for those who's looking for a good BB cream to start out with! 

Hope this review was helpful and informative. Any questions/comments - leave them and I'll get back to you on my comment section. :)

Thanks for reading, and welcome new followers! <3



Ashley said...

Hmm I ordered this BB cream on Sasa's website a little while back. I'm still waiting for my package but hopefully I like this BB cream too.
Thanks for the review :)

Jenny said...

It's really nice aside from the shitty pump and smell :)

the bb cream itself is actually a really nice "foundation" for those days you just want a light coverage :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I'm new to BB Creams. :D


ニーナ ☆彡 (Nina) said...

Wow that's a really great price for BB Cream! Which do you think has a worse smell: this bb cream or Lioele's triple the solution?

Jenny said...

@Nina i have BEYOND the solution but if both beyond and triple smell the same, then i'd have to say the etude house smells a lot stronger and me no likey the scent. i don't mind lioele's smell at all, actually! skin79 however, smells nice!

Adeline said...

Etude House Magic BB Cream is my all time favourite!!! I am current on my third tube now! Can't wait till I go to Asia again so I can stock up LOL

I do agree with the asian herbs smell... it's not pleasant.. lol

Jenny said...

@Adeline i knoww, i just read your review on it too! =) i might repurchase it, it would be really good for the winter with my dry skin!

!♥ m i m i said...

Oh wow thanks for the review! It was very informative and just what i needed, as i'm trying to purchase a bb cream right now and have no idea which one to buy. this was helpful in my decision :D

also, i googled "etude house magic bb cream review" like a week ago and there was only 1 review lol. it's good that you posted a review cuz otherwise i wouldn't be able to make a decision. yaay.

i love your blog!


Jenny said...

@mimi awww yay! glad you found it helpful! i have a review on lioele/skin79 BB cream as well if you wanna check it out before making a final decision! i do really like this bb cream for my dry skin though! hopefully it works out for you! :) thanks for reading and the support! <3

Tony said...

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