Hong Kong Haul + NYX +Two Faced DUPE?

Hello! My friend went to Hong Kong and I asked her to pick me up some stuff while she was there. Unfortuantely she didn't read my email correctly so I didn't get two of the BB creams I have wanted to try but that's okay! There was a lot more that I wanted but I decided to just keep it super small so she didn't have to bring back craploads for me in her luggage haha!

 I asked for eyelashes (obviously), Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream, and Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue! 
Now I am able to get these here but since they jack up the prices, I had to take advantage of the exchange rate!
Close ups on the eyelashes:

Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream

 It's a non-oily bb cream, that also acts as a moisturizer which uses various natural oils and vegetable coillagen to smoothen the skin.

This is a fantastic BB cream! The coverage is really nice, I'd say medium to full coverage if you do another layer. It's a lot easier and smoother to blend than the SKIN79 which is a lot thicker. I also love the packaging because it's adorable and super pretty. It comes in a squeeze tube with a pump - very sanitary and two big thumbs up!

One con is that it has a old lady scent to it although it does go away once its on your skin and blended out. The cap also gets dirty from when you place it back on and there's a little

I did a swatch of the BB cream to show you guys what the color looks like and after it has been oxidized on the skin.  The color has a yellow undertone which is great and it's also one of the darker shades than other BB creams which are usually lighter and sometimes have a gray undertone.

After 30ish minutes... blended out and oxidized...

*It doesn't settle into the lines on your face or anything like it looks like on my hand. Sorry for my ugly hands lol...

Some CONS:
It has a old lady scent to it although it does go away once its on your skin and blended out. 
Also, after you just pumped out the product and a little bit of it is still on the nozzle, it transfers onto the cap when you place it back on so it looks dirty and messy >__<

For myself, BB creams never look like foundation on me. It always looks like your own skin and this one definitely gives that look but with that extra coverage where no one can tell if you have any foundation on ;)

As for oil control, I can't say much as I have normal to dry skin! Although my friend has oily skin and she uses Triple The Solution and likes it, it has a pink undertone however. So I suggest looking up in depth reviews for both and seeing which one will suit you more!


I absolutely adore NYX products! I think they are very good quality for "drugstore" and has a great wide selection of different products and color selection.


I picked up the Eyshadow Base from seeing Sonia, aka sccastaneda use it quite often. I've been wanting to try the MAC Paint Pots as a base so I decided to try this one out first. It's creamy at first and once you apply it onto your lids, it dries up slightly but still has that creamy consistency which I feel like it isn't a great base if it doesn't dry to a powder finish. 
It also has a strong old lady's bathroom scent... although I asked Sonia if hers has the scent and she said no and she has like 10 of them... sooo maybe mine was just a defect but I'm still trying it out.

It creased before but it could also be because I've been using the next product below on top so that may be why it's creasing...

I also picked this up because of Janice, aka chaigyaru <3. I absolutely love this color! It's a super nice taupe-y gray brown. It looks a lot more like the swatch without the flash IRL.

I was super excited to see that they had the Runway Collection 10 Color Palette in stock! I originally wanted to pick up the Smokey palette but had opt for this one since it had more neutral wearable colors and the other palette had mainly only grays.
When I was playing with this palette, the pigmentation was alright. It's not as pigmented as their single eyeshadows and the shimmery shades were rather more on the crappy side. It was a lot more sheer than I expected but I'll just have to play around with it more to form a better opinion on it. Their matte shades however, were pretty good and smooth.

It could be a nice (more affordable) dupe for the UD Naked Palette.


So I was browsing in Forever 21 and I randomly saw this and immediately was reminded of the Two Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer! I decided to pick it up especially since I've been wanting to try Two Faced's and also it's just too cute to resist!

I have swatched Two Faced in Sephora before and it is definitely a lot more shimmery (from what I can remember) and slightly darker and more pigmented (obviously).

However, for $5.80 - I think this is a really nice product, especially for the summer! I tried it out today and it showed up a lot darker on my face but it's a really nice bronzed shade with a nice sheen to it!

Not too shabby for Forever 21 ;) They also had a pink shade just like Two Faced! 

Hope you guys liked and enjoyed this post! 

Thank you so much for letting me know what kind of posts you all would like to see more of - definitely helps and I'd love to have more requests so feel free to leave a comment and I also reply back! :)



Danielle C said...

Hello Jenny! I was wondering what's your foundation color normally for mac? Does this bb cream only come in one shade? Just worried it might be too dark on me and want to see what it's comparable to : ) Thanks for the review!


Jenny said...

@Danielle Hey, i actually dont know my MAC shade cuz i've never tried their foundations - not interested >__< although i think i'd be an NC25 or something? is that correct? LOL

you can try looking it up online. and i made a mistake, it's BEYOND the solution! >__< sorry! hahaha i tihnk theres only one or two shades. im not sure since i didnt pick it up myself. but just look it up online!

Danielle C said...

Cool thanks I'll try it out : ) I saw some reviews that say it's good for light skin tones over darker skin tones so I should be okay with it.

Jenny said...

@Danielle yeah bb creams usually fit lighter skin tones. for darker like nc30, missha is a good option

arsyparsy said...

Great post! The Iced Mocha looks pretty!!! Hmmm I feel like I need to get some more nyx products, lucky you! living in Canada and all, they're right in the shops but I have to buy online haha

Lisa said...

my NYX jumbo eye pencil creases pretty easily and it doesn't last long at all! :\ but I only have 2, so maybe I need to try more... hahah *excuse to buy more stuff I don't need* >_<

Jenny said...

@Lisa ya they can crease easily but if you apply a light layer and blend it out, it's usually fine! mine doesnt last suuuuuper long either but i also put a base before i use the jumbo pencils.. i only have two too :P

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love reading your reviews! hehe I am a big fan of NYX cosmetics too! and the Lioele BB cream is pretty awesome! ^_^

Meanne said...

Where did you get the NYX products? I live in Vancouver as well and can never find them anywhere!

Jenny said...

@Meanna You can find it as rexall, pharmasave or save on foods.

jeen said...

Where was the NYX in hong kong? x