Mini Walmart Haul & Review

We only have one Walmart where I live and it's pretty out of the way for me but my friend and I decided to randomly just make a stop there because I wanted to check out if they carried Hard Candy Cosmetics for Canada's Walmart as well.

So while I was there, I was browsing around and picked up some other stuff as well! I was excited to see that they did stock Hard Candy. But of course, a lot of the super popular products were sold out. -___- 

I did however, manage to pick up at least one of the items I have wanted to try!

Fox in a Box Bronzing Duo in "Skinny Dipping"

Individually, the orange shade is a beautiful color. The muted beige is quite light (too subtle) for a contour/bronzer shade, it may work for very fair skin if you prefer to use it separately. Personally, I like to mix the two together. The muted beige really warms up the bright orange and makes a fabulous blusher for the summer! 

I want to pick up the other Fox in a Box bronzing duo in Truth or Dare, which has a darker bronze shade and a pink blush as well as their blushing quads which looks beautiful! 

 It's not highly pigmented, however on the skin it definitely shows up really nicely - especially the orange! It blends out nice and the product is smooth. It's not chalky at all. There are subtle shimmers which gives a nice sheen to the skin - perfect for summer!!!!

Packaging: It's like a copy of Benefit's blushes. Benefit has a separate lid for their box blushes, however their new packaging for their newest blush in Bella Bamba, the lid is attached to the box just like Hard Candy's Fox in a Box.

Hard Candy also gives you a small brush that can be attached to the lid and also it has a magnetic snap closure.

I personally adore the packaging just because I think it's really cute along with their other products. However, it's obviously not travel friendly considering it's pretty bulky.

It contains 5.7g/0.20oz and I purchased this for about $6 CAD which I think is a super good price for it!

Freeman Clay Mask: Mint & Lemon

My friend was raving about this product when she was on a hunt for the perfect mask. She said it was a lot better than Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque!

It's a deep pore cleansing clay mask aimed more towards those with oily t-zone/skin. The mint and lemon extract helps sooth and calm problematic skin and this mask is also supposed to help oil production and reduce appearance of large pores. 

You all know by now that I have dry skin. I picked this up without even reading that it was more for oily skin. But because my friend raved about it, I still wanted to give it a try and just like she told me, it's really nice! 

Compared to Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, it didn't feel like it completely stripped away ALL of my (barely there) oil. Queen Helene does a decent job of what it claims to do (minimize large pores, shrink acne, wash away blackheads), however my skin always felt even more dry.. like I have no oil whatsoever (which isn't good thing!)

Freeman's Mint & Lemon left my skin feeling refreshed, smooth and clean! I also had another friend rave about this and she has really oily skin and loves it as well and said that it really helped control her oil production! 

The smell is very soothing, and not over whelming at all! The lemon is subtle but you feel so refreshed after and the mint doesn't burn like Queen Helene's. I feel like Freeman's helped reduce the appearance of my pores a lot more than QH did. QH is a little heavier, in my opinion - in the sense that it really strips out all your oil and dirt out of your face which leaves your skin feeling rough. However with the Freeman's - it gives you that soft, refreshed, clean feel on the face.

I think I'll be choosing Freeman's over Queen Helene for the next little while... until I feel like I need a heavier mask!

Pricing is pretty similar. It was about $3-4 CAD.

Spasource Eye Contour Brush

I randomly came across these brushes, never heard of them but I really liked this shape of it. I remember seeing a youtuber use a flat top brush like this one for the brow bone so I figured I would try this one out because it was only around $4! 
To my surprise, it's soft and works great. Nicely packed bristles and works great for my brow bone highlight. Even though it claims to be an "eye contour" brush, I haven't tried using it for that, simply because I don't think it would work well for my eye shape. 
It also has a nice weight to it and it doesn't feel cheap. The farrell feels very much intact and the brush itself all around feels like it's good quality, unlike ELF brushes which feels a little more cheap.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Water-Light Sunscreen SPF 60

Summer is coming. I need some sun protection in my life! Well, not just because summer is coming. But... more so especially because summer is coming.... LOL. I decided to try out a cheaper brand before venturing out into something more expensive. I purchased this one for about $11-13 CAD.

Okay so I know I am bad for not ever wearing any sunscreen. I hate the smell, the texture, the residue it leaves on your skin, the white cast...etc. But I have decided that I need to suck it up and start wearing it. I figured I can probably find a good sunscreen that protects both UVA/UVB without that greasy nasty feel since more companies are improving on sunscreen.

Originally, I was looking for Neutrogena's DryTouch Sunscreen which I heard was good and blends in quick and doesn't leave that greasy residue on the skin... while I was looking for that, I stumbled on their Ultra Sheer Water-Light Suncreen. 

It claims it has an even, non-shiny finish and works beautifully alone or under make-up and moisturizers which right away caught my interest! 

Other benefits of this product: 
- Helioplex which means it protects both UVA/UVB 
- Photostable
- Waterproof, sweatproof
- Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
- Oil-free, PABA-free (for those with very sensitive skin)

That all sold me so I went and purchased it! 

You have to shake it up before using it and the formula is quite "water-light". Some have said it's like skim milk consistency. Applied and blended out, it definitely didn't have a shiny, greasy feel/residue on my skin. It was easy to blend out, and it didnt leave a white cast at all! In the picture above, I had applied foundatio on top to see if it would peek through in flash photography but as you can see - NO WHITE CAST!!! :D

 It definitely works as a great make up base, however I still did apply my moisturizer on top to lock it in. 

The only con that I have about this sunscreen, is that it did have that disgusting suncreen coconut smell that I absolutely despise. BUT after I applied my foundation, I guess it overlapped the smell so it wasn't too bad lol.

Last but not least, I found this really handy dandy travel make up case!! I'm going away in July to visit my boyfriend again and I used to just use like 3 big make up cases... so I figured this one was perfect!

It has two medium sized make up pouches and then one big case on the bottom! And of course the biggest case you can also use but I'm most likely going to just use the 3 and have it all packed together so it makes travelling a lot easier! 

This was my favourite purchase, I'm super excited about it and look how cute the print is! It's totally me! :P It also wasn't that pricey either, it was $20! This will also help me learn how to pack lightly on the make up LOL.

Anyways, that's it! I hope you found this informative and helpful! Any comments, questions, requests... feel free to leave them in the comment section and I'll reply back on there so always check back! :)




JC! :) said...

Cute haul! Ive been wanting to try Hard Candy for a while... Same wih ELFs brushes. Also adorable makeup bag.

Jenny said...

You should! I can't wait to go back and pick up more hard candy! :D i really like their stuff and packaging!

Elf brushes are great for the price. Their flat top powder brush is amazing, it has changed my life LOL

나니 said...

I wish we had Hard Candy here : ( I wanna try their baked blushes SO BAD! -cries in corner- lol.

I heard some pretty bad things about the sunscreen you got.. something about anything above SPF35 did more damage to the skin than good >_<" of course I'm no SPF-expert, so I really don't know.. but anyway..

OHH the flat top brush is SO cute! : D

MaviDeniz said...

great post, that sunscreen sounds pretty good. i just picked up one of neutrogena's dry touch suncreens and i love it. There's a huge difference from the sunscreens from a few years ago.

Jenny said...

Hahaha!! awwww, where are you from? maybe you can try ordering it online? i know only walmart in canada and the states carries hard candy.

G A B Y said...

Fox in a Box looks gorgeous and I love the make up case!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Great reviews!! :) You are so thorough! I love the Neutrogena sunscreen as well :) Those blushes look fantastic! I've been looking for them these days and they've been sold out at my Walmart :p

Jenny said...

Thank you so much! i know, hard candy has been getting really popular so everyones out hunting them down! :P plus theyre not easily available too :(