OOTD - Quick & Casual

Quick Casual Outfit Of The Day!

I know you guys like these posts so I thought I'd quickly snap a picture of an outfit I threw on quick. Just running some errands today, nothing fancy! 

Cardigan: Banana Republic (I love this cardigan! BF got it for me in Cali! :) Thanks again baby!)
V-Neck: Unknown (I forget lol... it's generic)
Shorts: Garage (Their sizing fits me great!)
I especially love them because of this lace detailing - I'm obsessed with lace lol
Bag: Icing (super old)
Watch: Aldo
 Shoes: Stoneridge aka Little Burgundy

Face: From my momma and poppa. LOL 
and... lots of make up products hahaha :P

Hope you guys liked it!



AngelicBetrayal said...

Loving your shoes :) They're super cute! Your outfits are simple and comfy and you look great in them! Please continue doing more OOTDs ^^

o0SerenityAngel0o said...

such a cute outfit :)

Nikki said...

Those shoes are too cute! Just joined your blog, keep up the great work :) <3, Nikki

Christuhknee said...

First of all, I think these shoes look super cute on you! And I was thinking of ordering a pair of moccasins from the Little Burgundy website that are kind of shaped similar to the ones you have, and I was wondering how yours fit - like if they fit true to size, or if they run a little smaller or bigger. I was hoping you could help me, because I have to order them online, so since I can't physically try them on, I have to kind of just make a best guess as to which size to get, and I've never bought this brand of shoe before. Thanks so much! I appreciate any help you can give! ^.^

Jenny said...

@Christuhknee shoes is hard to order online sometimes because you need to know what fits YOUR type of feet. it all depends if you have a wide or narrow foot, if your foot runs on a full or a half size... the only thing i can tell you is that these fit me well, it's a teeny snug at the tip because of the rounded toe but im a true size 6 for flat shoes, other than that... they fit pretty perfect