DINDIN @ Moxies!

Soooo since I haven't blogged in awhile, cause I have absolutely nothing to blog about (beauty wise) I decided to just blog about my life. LOL

Anyways, so I recently went to a birthday dinner at Moxies..
I ordered..... a philly cheese steak sandwich - it was delish! However the fries were quite salty.. everyone raped it and ate all of it anyways so didn't matter too much to me..

But outfit of the day? yeah let's do that! Unless you've already seen it on my facebook/twitter.. BUT WHO CARES! =)

Me & the birthday girl! <3 =) 
and of course, my outfit! Went for a semi-formal type of thing.
I originally wore this short sleeve blazer type of jacket that you'll see in a picture below but I took it off.. obviously LOL. Anyways yeah just a simple striped long top from Forever 21, Cheap Mondays jeans and my belooooved (real) reptile skin heels <3

I know I kinda don't really match but I was on a time limit and I had to work super fast with deciding on an outfit! I usually plan beforehand.. but I wasn't able to find a simple pretty black or white top to wear.. OH WELL!
Closer look of my heels from Aldo (obvs lol)

I wore this diamond bow ring from Forever 21 :)
How cute is that?! hehe
And I know it may be strange that I paired it with this necklace BUT I didn't really care since I didn't have enough time to plan as I mentioned earlier! At least it's gold :P

Sad thing about this necklace (also from Forever 21) is that the body broke off.. YES IT HAD A BODY!! I can easily put it back together but I lost the metal ring to attach it to the loops so now I can't.. :(

(see how there's a ring on the right side? Should've circled it to show you guys but I got lazy.. whatever haha)

More pics of the night! 
(these are clickable by the way! I don't know why people are getting like chopped off LOL)
So that's the blazer jacket thingy that I was talking about! :) OH yeah,
and I just brought my Coach clutch with me that the *boy* got me for xmas :)
I just had the essential stuff - keys, lipgloss/carmex, eyelash glue/tweezers, eyelash curler, eyeliner, mascara, blush/blush brush, and my Coach coin purse to keep my cards & money in!
I know that sounds a lot but it really isn't! If I'm wearing eyelashes, that's usually when I'll bring the extra eyelash glue/tweezer and the whole crew along.. Usually (make-up wise) I'll just bring my blush/blush brush and my lippies (obvs!!!) But that's only if I'm bringing a clutch. I don't know, I'm the type of gal that brings everything - "JUST IN CASE" :P

WOW that was a whole lot to read, I am sorry.. for my apology - MORE PICTURES!


I don't really remember but I think it was ...
MAC's Ricepaper (one of my all time faves!!!) on the inner corner of the lid 
MAC's Woodwinked (another fave!) on the rest of my lid!
MAC's fluidline in Blacktrack
DAISO lashes #1 (doubled) <3

Not like you can see it haha but I applied this blush from an asian brand that I got a LOOOooNNNG time ago called "AS" (yeah I don't know) but anyways it was just a really bright pink blush :)
And I think I also applied RIMMEL's bronzer in Sun Queen (I LOVE THIS BRONZER!)

Although in these pictures it looks like I'm just wearing like chapstick or something, in the beginning of the night I was actually wearing..
Carmex (of course)
MAYBELLINE's color sensational lipstick in Pink Please
DIOR's lip maximizer lipgloss (check out the review I did :))

ANNNNNNNNNNND I think that's about it! Yupyup. 
Thanks for sticking through this longass blog LOL. but you got pictures out of it!
I know how much we all enjoy looking at pictures :P 

PS. DAAAAAAANG HAS THE WEATHER BEEN NICE OR WHAT? you canadians know what I mean!! woooo!



Rena said...

You are too cute JENNY!

Love your sense of style!

<33 Rena

Jenny said...

awww thanks rena!! :)

Tracey said...

You're absolutely stunning! :)

Jenny said...

@Tracey aww thank you! tooo kind <3 :)