Sky is the limit...

I decided I will write a blog post about my tattoo. I got this done in Sept 2009. I do believe that tattoos are something you need to think about for a very long time. I believe that it should have some sort of meaning to you. I don't think getting a tattoo of a butterfly because it's "pretty" is a good enough reason.. or a tattoo of your boyfriend's name because you're in "love" and then oh look, you guys broke up and now you have his name inked on you for the rest of your life.. how smart. Lol, I just don't think that tattoos are not supposed to be a sign of being "cool" and to be done "just in the moment".

With that being said, I will admit that I do regret something about my tattoo. I hate the font. I do regret not taking the time out to look for the font that I loved. Now I know I said that I don't think tattoos should be done "just in the moment" but at that time, I felt like it was the right time to do it and when I feel that way, and I want something, I'll do it. Tattoos are something you need to really find out everything and taking your time doing so until everything's perfect. Such as: finding the artist and the place. I got mine done at a place called Funhouse. My friend had gotten her tattoo there and it turned out really good and I went in before getting mine done to check the place out - it wasn't sketchy or anything. I also looked at some of the artists' work. I decided that I'd get it done there when the time was right. 
Okay so back to the "font" situation.. I asked my artist if she could just basically make it up for me, I knew I wanted cursive writing. She did some weird font and I told her I wanted more like a cursive font and show her an example that I saw on one of their posters. She re-did the stencil and I liked it a lot from the first one. So it wasn't like I hated it from the beginning but looking at it now, I really don't like the font.. so.. learn from my lesson kids! Do everything on your own and take your sweetass time!! :(

My tattoo says, "Sky is the limit..."
The reason behind this was that I absolutely love the meaning of what it is. It's kinda self explanatory.. But what it means to me  is a reminder for myself. To push and motivate myself in anything that I want to do.. even if it doesn't seem realistic, the sky is the limit... nothing is impossible. 
I added the 3 dots at the end to represent that it doesn't just have to end there.. it's like a "to be continued..."
Sky is the limit... but I will reach even higher than that - my inspiration to never give up.

I placed it in a slant on my left forearm (closer to my heart) that way whenever I look at it, I'll be reminded.

No pain, No gain...
As for the pain, it actually didn't hurt at all. I know it's small but it depends for everybody! It felt kinda nice.. very surreal when it was happening.. I was so happy. So happy. Fresh tattoos are like.. unexplainable (the feeling)

"Betcha can't just eat one!"
Lays chips said it very well. Tattoos really are kinda addicting in my opinion. I do know I want more but this time, I definitely will learn from my mistake and have asbolutely no regret on my next tattoo. But it's only the font I regret.. The meaning, never. I know what I want already for the next one.. just waiting for some courage and balls basically hahaha! Because I know it will hurt where I wanna get my next two tattoos.. the longer you wait, the more you'll know if it's for you. =)


Hopefully you all got to know me just a little bit better from this. =) If you're inked or wanting to get inked, leave a comment and let me know about yours! 

- J.


Jessica Mai : said...

Thankyou so much for your supportive words on my last post, Jenny. Trying to stay strong:)

I agree with you view on tattoos.
I knew a girl back in highschool who got an Eeyore(from winniethepooh) tatto on her ankle... just because she liked eeyore:/

I have had tattoos on the brain lately.
Im not afraid of the pain, but Im scared Ill change my mind about it later on.(Im extremely indecisive)

However, I have had the tattoo idea for awhile now and it has meaning to me. If nothing changes, i plan to get it done sometime this summer.


Jenny said...

@jess you should definitely do it!!!! hahaha i'm all up for tattoos with meanings :) you'll feel incredible after, i promise!