What's in my purse?

Yay! My turn! Before we go inside the wonders of what is in my purse, I would like to say that I did cheat. LOL.. I have quite a bit of trash in there.. but what I'm showing are the main essentials anyways so the randomness doesn't really matter.. right? I don't know, if you're interested, I just had some strawberry shortcake booklet thing I got from a Happy Meal at McDonalds (LOL), some kleenex and a pencil I never took out when I had school.

Let's get started! OH! I also want to say that I have toned down on the things I bring with me because I learned my lesson when my strap broke off on my most absolute favourite green purse because I carried too many things :( (I got that habit from my mother.. you should see her purse! Literally weighs about 10 pounds or even more) And I also want to let you girlies know that I used to have over 5 lip products with me...I don't know why... but I finally have a real make up storage so they're all sitting in there now and finally isn't drowning in sorrow in my purse haha!

My purse that I love oh so much. It's from a Korean site which makes me adore it even more =)

-Tylenol (I get headaches quite often)
-Carmex (love)
-C.O.Bigelow Lip Gloss in Pink Mint
-Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Pink Please (I love it so much, I got my very first back up!)
-My crappy Iphone
-My wallet
-An umbrella from Mary Kay Cosmetics (because ya'll know it rains like mad randomly in Vancouver!)
-Keys (yes I am aware I have a lot of keychains.. I also toned down on that as well)
-A finished Guerlain makeup powder that I use for a mirror (cute right! haha)
-Glysomed hand cream!
-My makeup bag
-Tampons (Yup, you'll never know when it's going to happen or when your gf needs one!)
-3 different packs of 5 gum. (um.. yeah idk why for this one)
-Spongebob playing cards! (because who knows when you end up bored and you just wanna play some BIG 2! yup, my asian side.)

*Missing my Ipod!
This was fun!!!!! Hope that was fun for you as well! 

What's in YOUR purse? ;)

xoxo, J. =)


Rena said...

CUUUTE! I want a wallet like yours! I guess I have to save up for that though!
Oohh! And I absolutely adore your Korean bag! I've been thinking about ordering one myself...just not too sure about the site and it's products!

<33 Rena

Jenny said...

@Rena THaaanks! The wallet is my mom's :P there's no way i'd be able to afford it either LOL! i'm horrible at saving.
Awww i'd tell you the website where i got my bag but my friend showed it to me and i forgot :(

But i do there there's a site called yesstyle.com and they have really cute stuff there from korea as well! check it out!

tessatham said...

I likey the pursey

Jenny said...

@tessa the pursey likey you ;)