Nails of the moment is back! yay
so I decided to switch it up a bit and I painted my ring finger with a different color :)

I had the colors on for a couple of days now so don't mind if it's kinda ugly and chipped since I just took these pictures!

Do you like? I actually have another idea with the random different color thing, as soon as I do it, I will do a blog post!! :) so be on the look out for that!

ALRIGHT so an individual close up of the colors!

The first one, or well the main color is a deep dark royal navy blue with really small blue shimmers from O.P.I
Pretty? I think so! I also have another color very similar to this one by LANCOME and omg, it is utter fricking gorgeousensenfogdgr. I only allow myself to wear it on special occasions and when I do, I will definitely do a post!! It's pretty much like this color only 10x better!! 

Now onto the second color! 

It's by China Glaze <3. This was the best I could do picture wise, in person it is definitely more of a real turquoise color! But it also has super super fine shimmers in it as well. When you apply it, it almost sets as a matte in a way.. like a frosty matte.. but I applied a top coat on top.

That's honestly pretty much it! I like the random color that pops out of nowhere though haha. And it goes super well with my parrot ring!

Do you agree? haha! 

It's such a fun spring/summer look to the nails. I don't know, I enjoyed it :)

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