E.L.F eyeshadows

So I got these shadows in this 'Dramatic Eyes' kit by E.L.F that I found at Winners!
It also came with mascara, eyeliner, a sharpener, and an eyeshadow brush - which I like!
It also came with false eyelashes and glue but I don't remember where I put it, but they were very nice lashes!

*click* for a better view!

This is supposed to be like the highlight/brow bone color,
It's very matte and WHITE. It's bit chalky but it's alright on. Wouldn't be my ideal highlight color.

I like this color the most! It's a dark grey with colorful shimmers but mainly silver glitters.

This one is basically just black with the same kind of shimmers as the dark grey one above.

All of these shadows are pretty pigmented for such a cheap brand! Especially the dark grey and black shadows! They're pretty easy to blend out as well. They're also very soft and kinda silky actually lol.
I don't think they sell the shadows separately though.

Anyways, I started playing around with it and this is the look that I came up with... :)
(these lashes are from vietnam I think, my friend gave them to me)

*NO primer used! just vaseline!!!! THAT'S RIGHT! :)

Hope ya'll like the look! I wouldn't normally wear this look out just because I'm afraid people will stare and give me looks but YOU girlies totally should! I wouldn't judge. :) xoxo


tessatham said...

Can you do this look for me, before blogtv ? LOL. I love it :) Lookin' gooooood as always jnguyen ;)

Jenny said...

like on you? LOL

tessatham said...

yup on me LOL

Jessica Mai : said...

Gorgeous smokey eye!
wow! I had no idea you can use vaseline before eyeshadow.. I use vaseline to remove my eye makeup.

Don't you just love Winners? Ive found Urban Decay and Philosophy items in there too.

Always happy to find another Vancouver blogger! Ill defs be following.


Jenny said...

@jessica it's not very good to use vaseline as a base.. hahaha! just like the TINIEST amount is fine!!! otherwise it'll definitely crease! :P

i do love winners! but a lot of people like to open up packages and then you can't buy it, so frustrating. >=(

thanks a lot for following! =) i'll do the same! xoxo